Was Princess Margaret Princess Royal? Everything We Know About Her Royal Titles

In the royal family, official titles are a way to determine one’s rank, family, and marital status. And, for the most part, only the monarch can decide who gets what title. But, while they have the power, there are still royal family rules that must be met — especially when it comes down to the high-ranking titles such as Princess Royal. As the heir apparent turned monarch, it’s obvious that Queen Elizabeth II has held many grandiose royal titles in her lifetime. But, what about her sister, Princess Margaret’s royal titles? Was Princess Margaret Princess Royal?

Ahead, find out more about Princess Margaret’s royal titles. Plus, other burning questions about Princess Royal — like, when will Princess Charlotte be Princess Royal? And who currently holds the title?

Princess Margaret in 1950

Princess Margaret’s royal titles  | AFP/Getty Images

Was Princess Margaret Princess Royal?

Since her sister was the heir to the British throne, it might seem obvious that Princess Margaret was Princess Royal. However, she did not receive such honor in her lifetime.

As it turns out, Princess Margaret didn’t qualify for the high-ranking title. Because Princess Royal is granted to the eldest daughter of the monarch, her sister — Queen Elizabeth II — would have received the honor. That said, at the time of their father’s ascension, a Princess Royal was already named. King George V’s daughter (the princess’ aunt), Princess Mary was the Princess Royal and kept her royal title until her death in 1965 — 13 years into Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

Who is the Princess Royal?

Right now, Princess Anne is the Princess Royal. As the queen’s oldest daughter and one of the most active members of the family, she not only deserves the honor but is the most qualified for it. Princess Anne earned the official royal title in 1987 and — based off Princess Mary and other past Princess Royals — will keep the name until her death.

When will Princess Charlotte be Princess Royal?

Many want to know about Princess Charlotte’s future royal titles — including: When will Princess Charlotte be Princess Royal? Once Prince William ascends the throne, Princess Charlotte will be qualified for the official title change. However, it all depends on if her great-aunt (Princess Anne) is still alive — aka, still holds the title — and if William and Kate choose to stick with tradition. According to Hello Prince William and Kate Middleton might choose to honor their only daughter with a title more equal to her brothers.

With recent changes to the royal family rules, gender equality is sweeping the palace. And, some experts think Princess Charlotte would one day earn similar peerage — like a dukedom of her own — to the men in her family. Right now, women can only adopt dukedoms from their husbands. However, with the uprise of feminism in the royal family, it is possible that instead of being name Princess Royal, her father names her a duchess instead.

Princess Margaret’s royal titles

Like her sister, Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family, Princess Margaret’s royal titles were a reflection of her ranking in the family, as well as who her parents were and who she was married to. However, the late princess did not have nearly as many titles as you’d think. Here’s a closer look at Princess Margaret’s royal titles, including the one she had for most of her life.

Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret of York

Like most high-ranking royal children, Princess Margaret was born into a royal title. And, because her father and mother were the Duke and Duchess of York, Princess Margaret was Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret of York. However, her name changed a lot sooner than other royals. Her father, King George VI ascended the throne in 1936 — when she was just six-years-old — which automatically prompted a new name for the young princess.

Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret

When her father became king, he dropped his dukedom. And, therefore, Princess Margaret and her sister both dropped York from their titles. Princess Margaret’s royal title became Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret.

Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon

In the royal family, most title changes mark a significant time, such as a royal wedding. However, upon her marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960, Princess Margaret did not receive a new royal title. Instead, her title changed a year later, after her husband became Earl of Snowdon. For the rest of her life, she was Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.

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