Priscilla Presley Designed Elvis’ Famous TCB Necklace

Throughout his lifetime, legendary singer Elvis Presley had several memorable catchphrases. However, outsiders didn’t know many of his slogans and “secret language” like his close-knit group of employees and business associates, often referred to as the Memphis Mafia.

One of the famous phrases Elvis often said was “Taking Care of Business,” abbreviated TCB. Fans frequently saw the singer wearing a necklace with the letters TCB. Recently, his ex-wife Priscilla Presley shared the necklace’s origin, revealing she designed the famous piece.

Priscilla Presley designed Elvis Presley’s iconic necklace

Priscilla and Elvis were what some might call soulmates. The pair met in West Germany, where the singer was stationed. They kept in touch, and almost a decade later, Elvis popped the question. He asked the then-20-year-old Priscilla to marry him with a three-carat diamond.

Priscilla and Elvis were together for a while, but things began souring when Elvis went on tour. This led to an affair between Priscilla and her karate instructor. That, coupled with Elvis’s countless dalliances with other women, eventually led to the collapse of their marriage.

Still, they remained friends, and Priscilla holds the singer in high regard to this day. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the businesswoman shared the origin of one of Elvis’s iconic pieces: the TCB necklace.

Priscilla said, “I actually designed the TCB necklace. We were on a plane going to Memphis one day and he said to me that he wanted to have something for the guys that made it just for the guys. A piece of jewelry for TCB especially and he wanted something designed for it.”

“As we were flying, it started to rain and as it rained, a lightning bolt came across the sky and I looked at it and I drew a lightning bolt and then I put the TCB right on it. And then I said to him, ‘Is this what you mean?’ And he looked at it and he said ‘This is it. This is what I want.’ And the rest is history.”

The businesswoman didn’t think the necklace would become a huge piece of pop culture. Priscilla said, “Who knew that it would be as big as it is. I mean truly.” In the end, she regretted not getting a patent on it.

Elvis Presley’s bodyguard said the singer had the necklace made for everyone in his entourage

Elvis Presley's TCB 18kt Gold Necklace is on display in Nashville, Tennessee
The TCB 18kt Gold Necklace owned by Elvis Presley | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Elvis is known for being generous to those close to him, often gifting expensive cars and other items. According to Sonny West, Elvis’s former bodyguard, Priscilla and Elvis came up with the TCB logo. Then, they enlisted the help of a Beverly Hills jeweler to bring the idea to life.

The singer reportedly made 14-karat gold necklaces with the TCB logo for all the men in his entourage. Soon, by West’s account, the logo and the motto became the group’s “calling card.”

Elvis was often seen spotting the necklace around his neck and also wore a ring with the same symbol. The women weren’t left behind either, as Elvis had TLC (Tender Loving Care) necklaces made for them in a similar style.

Elvis Presley’s iconic White Eyelet Jumpsuit sold for millions

The White Eyelet Jumpsuit and Cape became synonymous with Elvis after his 1972 Madison Square Garden performances, and many impersonators today use it to identify themselves. The jumpsuit was designed by Bill Belew, who sourced inspiration from Presley’s intense love for karate.

Elvis reportedly came up with the outfit’s eagle motif, saying it was “something that would say ‘America to the world.'” According to Deadline, the whole outfit, which was in a private collection for more than three decades, was auctioned in 2021 for $1,012,500.

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