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Elvis Presley had some bizarre standards and behavior when it came to women. For starters, he had a predilection for little girls, and is known to have courted several during his life. He was also very focused on the idea of purity and virginity, especially when it came to Priscilla Presley. The two started dating when she was shockingly young, and Priscilla has since revealed that The King refused to have sex with her until they were married. 

The couple started dating when Priscilla Presley was 14

Elvis Presley holding hands with his bride, Priscilla Presley
Elvis Presley holding hands with his bride, Priscilla Presley | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley met in Germany when The King was in the military. It was 1959, and Elvis was 24. Priscilla was only 14. 

One day, when Priscilla was out at the local Eagle’s Club, she was spotted by Currie Grant. He asked her if she knew who Elvis was, and when she said she did, he asked if she’d like to meet him. 

Grant eventually convinced Priscilla’s parents to allow her to attend a party thrown by The King. Elvis Presley was quickly impressed by Priscilla, and the two soon struck up a relationship. Naturally, Priscilla’s parents were concerned — she described them as feeling bewildered by it all. 

Eventually, they required that Elvis himself come over and meet them, if she were to continue to see The King. Apparently he disarmed them enough for them to allow the couple to continue seeing each other, despite their daughter being a minor. 

Elvis Presley refused to have sex

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley with their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley
Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley with their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Priscilla Presley claimed that Elvis Presley refused to have sex with her. She says that he invited her to his room the third time they were together. 

“I swear I’ll never do anything to harm you. I’ll treat you just like a sister,” she recalled him saying at the time. Priscilla relented and went with him. She claimed he discussed his recently deceased mother, and kissed her before it was time to leave. 

He ended their kiss first, she said, telling her, “We have plenty of time, Little One.”

The night before Presley was slated to leave Germany, Priscilla says she begged him to have sex with her, but he refused. 

“For the last time I begged him to consummate our love. It would have been so easy for him. I was young, desperately in love, and he could have taken advantage of me. But he quietly said, ‘No. Someday we will, Priscilla, but not now. You’re just too young,’” she wrote.

Elvis Presley wanted her to remain a virgin

Elvis Presley's wife, Priscilla Presley
Elvis Presley’s wife, Priscilla Presley | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Priscilla Presley Says Her Parents Were ‘Bewildered and Confused’ By Her Relationship With Elvis Presley

Later, when she visited him in Los Angeles, he once again refused her sex, telling her he didn’t want to “spoil” her. 

“‘Not yet, not now. We have a lot to look forward to. I’m not going to spoil you. I just want to keep you the way you are for now. There’ll be a right time and place, and when the moment comes, I’ll know it,’” Priscilla recalled Elvis saying.

When it came time for her to return to Germany, he once again denied her request to consummate their relationship. 

“‘I want you back the way you are now,’ he whispered just before dawn. ‘And remember, I’ll always know,’” Priscilla remembered him saying.