‘Prodigal Son’ Star Tom Payne Addresses Potential Season 2 Romances

Prodigal Son is back for season 2 on FOX, and many fans are wondering if Malcolm and Dani will finally get together. Without giving away too many spoilers, series lead Tom Payne addressed Malcolm’s relationship status this season and admitted showrunners know fans want to see him fall in love. 

Michael Sheen and Tom Payne in 'Prodigal Son'
Michael Sheen and Tom Payne in ‘Prodigal Son’ | FOX

Malcolm’s relationship with Eve didn’t workout on season 1 of ‘Prodigal Son’

Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) isn’t your average joe. His father, Dr. Martin Whitly, aka The Surgeon (Michael Sheen), is a notorious serial killer. And Malcolm is heavily burdened by his dad’s murderous past. 

In season 1 of Prodigal Son, Malcolm started dating Eve (Molly Griggs). He did seem to like her, but all of his focus was on the mysterious woman in the box. It didn’t help that Eve turned out to be the sister of the mystery woman. And her eventual murder brought any potential of a continuing romance to an end. 

‘Prodigal Son’ has been teasing a romance between Malcolm and Dani

If there’s anyone who really knows Malcolm, it’s Dani (Aurora Perrineau). He’s confided in her about some of his darkest moments, and she’s seen him battle his psychological demons firsthand. 

Throughout the first season of Prodigal Son, little moments teased romantic chemistry between Malcolm and Dani. In episode 13, “Wait and Hope,” Malcolm sees Dani in a dress and tells her she looks “amazing.” And later, when she is alone with him in the car, he confesses his true fears.

“I’m afraid of me,” he says. “The more relaxed things are out there, the more time I have to think … Imagine a theater that only plays horror films about you.”

Tom Payne talks about Malcolm’s potential romance in season 2

Fans have been itching to see Malcolm and Dani give into their spark. And with Eve out of the way, season 2 could easily explore their relationship. But in a recent interview with EW, Tom Payne said he doesn’t think Malcolm will be in the right headspace to date anyone this season, let alone Dani. 

“I don’t think that Malcolm will willingly enter into any relationships any time soon,” Payne said. “I actually thought it was a bit early to do it the first season, but then I understood where they went with it, I think now he’s definitely been burnt in that direction. We’re aware of the fans’ wants and needs, and we’ll be playing with those emotions a little bit.”


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Payne also addressed the relationship between Malcolm’s mom, Jessica (Bellamy Young), and his boss, Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips). “Well, I think, like with anything with the Whitly family, you need to be careful how involved you get,” the Prodigal Son star added. “I think that will be something that’s taken into consideration moving forward. But I think the Whitly children are certainly enjoying the situation. Malcolm just wants everyone to be happy, and if happiness comes from that [relationship], then that’s great.”

New episodes of Prodigal Son air Tuesday nights on FOX.