‘Prodigal Son’ Warner Bros. Exec Confirms They’re Actively Trying to Save the Series

Prodigal Son fans were disappointed to learn that the series would not return for a third season when FOX announced its cancellation. But it looks like the studio behind the show still hasn’t given up hope. In a recent interview, Warner Bros. executive Channing Dungey revealed they are still actively trying to keep the series alive. 

Tom Payne and Bellamy Young in 'Prodigal Son'
Tom Payne and Bellamy Young in ‘Prodigal Son’ | FOX/Getty Images

FOX canceled ‘Prodigal Son’ days before the season 2 finale

Just a day before airing the penultimate episode of season 2, FOX canceled Prodigal Son. The announcement came as a shock for both the fans and the cast. And many jumped on social media to share their heartbreak. 

“What a ride it was,” series star Tom Payne wrote in an Instagram post. “Tears, laughter, joy, friendship. The most stressful time in my life and the most rewarding. It’s a crazy industry when you look at it from the outside. We work insanely long hours with little time for family or self. But when you’re lucky enough to work on something so special you willingly make those sacrifices.”

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“I am very proud of the show we made, and it will always be there for people to discover and enjoy,” he added. “Thank you #ProdigalSon for all that you have given me. And Thankyou to the fans that followed us until the end!”

In light of the cancellation, the fans and the cast began sharing the hashtag #SaveProdigalSon. And a fan-created online petition has since garnered over 36,000 signatures.

Warner Bros. is trying to keep ‘Prodigal Son’ alive

In a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Channing Dungey, the chairman of Warner Bros. Television Group, revealed that the studio is actively trying to sell a few of its cancelled series. 

When asked about which shows in particular, Dungey replied, “Prodigal Son and All Rise, both of which we’re having conversations on.”

The executive didn’t disclose any further details. But for Prodigal Son fans, this means there’s still hope. 

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The ‘Prodigal Son’ creators are holding out hope

Along with the fans, cast, and studio, Prodigal Son creators Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver are also campaigning to save the show. In an interview with TV Line, Fedak confirmed the studio was advocating a series pick-up and said he remained hopeful.

“Those conversations are being had,” Fedak revealed.  “I can’t speak to them, because it’s more of a studio thing. The one thing we’ll say is Warner Bros. has been an incredible advocate for the show.”

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“They’ve been great to us, and they’ve been very supportive, and they love the show,” he added. “And Fox loves the show, too. The executives that bought the show and championed the show were all advocates and all gutted by the situation we’ve found ourselves in. So we’re hopeful, but it’s a studio thing now.”

There’s still no confirmation the show will be picked up. But fans should know more by the end of the summer.