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Superhero movies are probably the most popular genre in Hollywood right now, and everyone is trying to get a piece of that pie. However, since Marvel, Warner Bros, and Sony all control the major superhero franchises, Netflix has had to get creative.

That’s where Jamie Foxx’s newest superhero movie, Project Power, comes in, as it, unlike the Marvel movies, isn’t based on anythingProject Power is one of the very few original superhero movies, and it’s been quite successful since it debuted on Netflix in August.

Here’s a look at how Netflix could make a sequel to Project Power.

What ‘Project Power’ is about

In Project Power, anyone can be a superhero, and all it takes is a pill. This pill, called “Power,” gives its user temporary superhero abilities. However, there is an unfortunate catch. The users of the pill won’t know what powers they’ll get until they get them. 

That’s the premise behind the movie, but there’s a story, too. Project Power focuses on three characters: Art, who’s played by Foxx, Frank, who’s played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Robin, who’s played by Dominique Fishback. They all come from different walks of life, but they all ultimately share the same goal.

Art’s daughter gets kidnapped, so he’s on a hunt to save her. Frank is trying to protect his city and uses the pills to even the playing field. Robin is trying to make money for her mom’s health and sell pills. By the climax of the film, the three main characters spend the movie trying to find Art’s daughter and save her. 

What people thought about ‘Project Power’

The interesting premise behind the movie ultimately got a lot of people hooked. Many people like superhero movies, and Project Power was basically a superhero movie but with a unique twist. The movie also gained a few fans since many people wanted to see original superhero movies, rather than superhero movies that were adapted from comic books. 

Project Power seems to be doing really well on Netflix right now. With that said, critics have been harsher on Project Power, and many viewers have said similar things. For example, according to Rotten Tomatoes, critics had a very lukewarm reaction to the movie. Of the over 100 critics who’ve reviewed Project Power, only 60% enjoyed it. 

For example, Katie Rife, who writes for the AV Club, did not enjoy the movie, according to Rotten Tomatoes. She said, in her review, that Project Power does not have “a lot of imagination.”

While some critics disagreed with her, many critics had similar views. Brian Tallerico, who writes for RogerEbert, wrote in his review that, “they were afraid to unleash the power within their own project.”

The Cheat Sheet’s Josh Lezmi wrote in a review of Project Power: “Unlike far-reaching superhero films would lead viewers to believe, superpowers do not create superheroes. Instead, they make super-capables, still possessing all the gray morality that comes from life under capitalism. The film hits a few high notes, often commenting on human nature, class divides, and power structures, albeit could benefit from showing rather than telling.”

Will there be a ‘Project Power’ sequel?

Jamie Foxx in 'Project Power'
Jamie Foxx in ‘Project Power’ | Netflix

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Netflix movies getting bad critical reviews isn’t new, and it hasn’t stopped Netflix from making sequels to movies before. At the end of the day, Netflix only cares about what its subscribers think.

So far, Netflix hasn’t said anything about making a sequel to Project Power yet. However, the screenwriter for the movie, Mattson Tomlin, did say that a sequel is possible. 

According to Inverse, Tomlin said: “We ended up where we ended up in, in large part because we wanted to be able to go somewhere in the event that we’re lucky enough to do sequel.”

At the end of the movie, a lot of things get resolved, but there’s still some mystery that could be explored in a sequel. The main mystery is behind the Power pill itself. The film didn’t address if anyone else has these powers, leaving room for a sequel even if Jamie Foxx doesn’t want to return.

In the movie, the pill was released in New Orleans as a test by the bad guys. The pill was an urban myth for most of the world, so naturally, the sequel would explore what would happen when that myth turns into reality. Or, it could head to a different part of the world to see the impact of the pill.