‘Property Brothers’: 3 Design Trends Drew and Jonathan Scott Quit Using Recently

It’s been a decade since Drew and Jonathan Scott made their big television debut with Property Brothers.

The series originally aired in 2011 on W Network before moving to HGTV, which is where most American fans encountered it for the first time. Now Property Brothers has multiple spinoffs and the Scott twins have the most recognizable faces on the network.

Property Brothers follows a basic format that features the brothers helping homeowners purchase and renovate lackluster properties. That hasn’t changed since its inception, however Drew and Jonathan’s final reveals do look much different now.

Here are a few home design trends Drew and Jonathan no longer follow.

Each ‘Property Brothers’ episode begins with disappointment

Drew and Jonathan Scott pose for a photo shoot
Drew and Jonathan Scott | Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

Anyone who’s watched a few episodes of Property Brothers knows the drill. Prospective homebuyers follow real estate expert Drew on a tour of a stunning home that meets all the criteria for their dream place. It’s only later that they learn this property is well beyond their budget and impossible to purchase.

This letdown opens the door for Drew and Jonathan to convince their clients to buy a more outdated, unfinished house instead to save money. They pitch the idea of Jonathan making smart renovation decisions to create that dream home feel for a much cheaper price.

The initial home tour on Property Brothers is almost always staged to some extent. But it does a good job conveying the message that renovations can make the biggest difference.

Jonathan Scott’s design style keeps evolving on ‘Property Brothers’

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Ten years go by quickly and in the design world, a decade makes a huge difference. Older episodes of Property Brothers include some design elements that would never happen on more recent installments.

For example, Jonathan used to pick matching kitchen cabinetry in dark wood tones, realtor.com pointed out. But now he’s more likely to put in lighter upper cabinets with contrasting dark base cabinets or an accent color on the island. This is all reflective of trends happening in the larger design world.

Another kitchen change is obvious in the dining area. Property Brothers used to include large, elegantly appointed dining tables in every finished home. But now they’re more likely to keep things casual with built-in banquettes in the breakfast nook.

Modern homeowners keep ditching dining rooms altogether and using those spaces for more practical uses, like home offices or playrooms.

‘Property Brothers’ designs are less colorful and more neutral now

Overall, home renovators are moving away from colorful accent walls and instead opting for neutral walls and furniture. Older episodes of Drew and Jonathan’s show reflect this, as they used to select bright paint colors or patterned wallpaper. Now they’re more likely to stick to grays and beiges on the walls instead.

But that doesn’t mean their designs have become boring. The Scotts incorporate colors and patterns into artwork, accessories, and fabrics, which are more easily changed than the walls. They’re also more likely to add in architectural features like wood beams and built-in shelving to make the space stand out.

Property Brothers is a totally different show in 2021 than it was in 2011. But it’s still compulsively watchable thanks to the on-point design trends.