‘Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott Think You Should Ditch Your Dining Room Table for This Alternative

Between the global pandemic and changing tastes in home design, home décor styles are evolving every day. People are starting to think differently about how they use their houses now that they’re home more often. And no one knows about that better than the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott.

These two HGTV superstars have come a long way since their hit show Property Brothers premiered a decade ago. Overall, their design aesthetic has become more modern and neutral and less colorful. Besides just the look of the Scott brothers’ designs, the function is different as well.

One example of what they’ve ditched is formal dining tables. Here’s why the Property Brothers think a built-in banquette is way better than a fancy dining room with a giant table.

Drew and Jonathan Scott during a photo shoot
Drew and Jonathan Scott | Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

The design world doesn’t stay the same from year to year and season to season. For a long time, open concept living spaces dominated the landscape, and the Scott brothers were known for creating that type of plan for their Property Brothers clients. But they’ve been moving away from these tried-and-true tactics in the most recent episodes.

On the show Property Brothers, Drew takes homeowners on a tour of an outdated property and helps encourage them to renovate it. Meanwhile, Jonathan comes up with a design plan to suit their lifestyle. Recent seasons have shown the brothers opting for more neutral color palettes than in prior seasons. They’re also more likely to create specific areas for living, dining, and working, instead of just leaving open concept areas with no practical function.

One nice perk is homeowners on Property Brothers do get to keep the furniture. This isn’t the case on most other HGTV renovation reality shows.

The ‘Property Brothers’ keep using banquettes instead of dining tables

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So many people are rethinking their lifestyles now that the world is different. Homeowners have been moving away from formality at home, swapping fancy living rooms for playrooms or offices. And Property Brothers has been highlighting another common trend in the design world.

Early episodes of the HGTV series often included large, formal dining tables with lots of seating. But more recent installments show Jonathan opting for built-in banquettes in the kitchen area instead.

“It’ll provide a cozy spot for cherished family meals as well as an additional play area for the kids with even more storage for games and toys below,” Jonathan explained during an episode of HGTV’s Celebrity IOU.

The brothers shared a photo of yet another built in banquette on their Instagram page. “Storage + style = perfection! We love this unique L-shaped banquette. What a great spot for family dinners or game night!” they wrote in the photo caption.

‘Property Brothers’ episodes feature real people and how they live

HGTV fans fell in love with the Property Brothers because they’re down to Earth, practical, and tell it like it is. Drew and Jonathan are talented in their respective trades because they pay attention to their clients and stay up on trends. Home renovation show enthusiasts adore seeing the designs they come up with.

The Scott brothers know that formal dining rooms are out and informal banquettes are in. If you were looking for permission to ditch your formal dining table, Property Brothers just granted it.