‘Property Brothers’: Everything You Didn’t Know About the Third Scott Brother

The Property Brothers are famous. Over eight years of helping would-be homeowners create their dream homes on a budget will do that for your reputation. And being one of reality televisions most eligible bachelors — here’s looking at you Jonathan Scott — helps too. But some fans might be surprised to learn that there’s a third Property Brother, one that you don’t often see on television, and whose name doesn’t typically make the headlines. That’s right, Jonathan and Drew Scott have a third sibling. So who is this elusive third Property Brother, and what does he do?

He’s no stranger to the entertainment industry

Jonathan and Drew Scott are actually the youngest of the Property Brothers brood. It turns out the third brother, J.D. Scott, is the eldest. And, as the eldest should, he paved the way to the entertainment business before the other Scotts.

According to his IMDb page, J.D. Scott has written, directed, and acted in several films and television shows alike, including Makeover Manor and The Oracle. He’s even the host of All-American Amusement Parks. Scott was also a member of YFG, a Canadian sketch comedy group, as well as the Loose Moose Improv group. It seems safe to say that entertainment runs in the family

He worked in Vegas

Though an entertainer, J.D. Scott’s preferences when it comes to performance are clearly different from those of his brothers. Rather than construct homes, J.D. Scott seems to get his kicks working as an impersonator, which he used to do in Vegas.

For a while, pictures of J.D. Scott in some of his older roles and performance getups were circulating, with fans speculating why he’d have such a dated look. Finally, it was revealed — there was a reason for the early aughts emo hairstyle. J.D. Scott used to be an Adam Lambert impersonator, and occasionally a David Bowie impersonator to boot. That’s pretty cool.

He’s a charitable guy

Like all three of the Scott brothers, J.D. Scott is motivated by philanthropy and is a global ambassador for World Vision. A Christian organization, World Vision delineates its mission as, “an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.”

As a matter of fact, the Scott brothers went to Delhi, India, to expose and learn about the grim reality of child labor. “We have always been passionate about giving youth a chance to live the life they deserve,” said Drew Scott. “Our opportunity to engage with some amazing children in India is another leg of our long journey to raise awareness on the conditions that many kids face worldwide. It’s about giving a voice to those in need. We can all make a difference.”

He loves his tattoos

It seems like J.D. Scott might be the “bad boy” of the Property Brothers trio, sporting somewhere around ten or eleven tattoos, by his own estimation. The fact that he’s not even sure how many he has should be some indication of his attitude. Actually, J.D. Scott got his first tattoo at 17-years-old in Mexico — a sun and moon sitting at the north and south of a compass, respectively. He says he doesn’t regret getting the tattoo, but that he might not mind having it removed, just because its location clashes with his other pieces of body art.