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HGTV’s Property Brothers — also known as Jonathan and Drew Scott — made a career out of pre-packaged wholesomeness and renovations. Somewhere along the way, though, the Scotts were more concerned about their perceived Hollywood status than the quality of their renovations. This decision proved detrimental to their brand, as they’re currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Paul and Mindy King of Las Vegas, NV. But while the Scotts tried to play off the lawsuit as “a smear campaign,” the reality of the lawsuit is worse than you think.

Property Brothers lawsuit
Drew and Jonathan Scott, better known as the ‘Property Brothers’ | Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

The Kings accused the ‘Property Brothers’ of substandard work

The so-called Property Brothers lawsuit first came to light earlier this year.

Paul and Mindy King of Las Vegas, NV, alleged that they spent nearly $200,000 with Cineflix and Villa Construction. Cineflix is the production company behind the Property Brothers show. Villa Construction is a local contractor the Scotts hired to do the work.

The lawsuit says that the Scotts “weren’t up to building code and that there were wires left exposed and doors not hung properly.” What’s more, the lawsuit says that the Scotts didn’t complete the work. “They just come in and they bring a Sharpie or spray paint and try to make things look pretty, but they don’t,” Mindy King said to KTNV.

The Scotts are not personally named, but their production company can be held liable

It must be made clear that the Property Brothers are not personally named in the lawsuit. However, as the “leads” on the project, Gossip Cop says they may be held liable for the damages.

According to the outlet, when the Scotts were initially contracted by the Kings, they promised that only professionals would work on their home. The Kings later discovered that this wasn’t the case. What’s more, the Kings claimed they were pressured into signing certain agreements they otherwise wouldn’t have signed.

In response, the Scotts claim that the Kings are merely looking for money. The Scotts also claim that the Kings are trying to smear their Hollywood reputation.


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A series of TikTok videos showed the ugly reality behind the ‘nice guys’ facade

TikTok user @TheZenBlonde has created a series of videos on the Property Brothers that show the reality behind the Scotts’ ‘nice guys’ facade.

In the first video, the Kings’ lawsuit claims are recapped. But it also shows horrible photos of the shoddy renovation, including exposed wire and the gas and electricity not being up to code.

The second video by @TheZenBlonde is even worse. It produces an invoice by the Property Brothers interior designer, which is haphazardly assembled yet magically totals out to the homeowners’ budget of $15,000. Worst of all, though, is the revelation that the electrician hired by the Scotts wasn’t licensed to do the work. Hiring an unlicensed contractor is illegal in Nevada. The Kings also said they trusted the Property Brothers name, which is why they agreed to all the work.

The third video, released two days ago, is the worst of all. It reveals that the attorneys for the Scotts, the production company, and the construction company all released contradictory statements. This, according to Gossip Cop, doesn’t do wonders for their credibility. @TheZenBlonde then released emails between the Kings and the Scotts (via their production company), and the emails show that the Scotts are nothing like the ‘nice guy’ persona they try to portray on their shows.

“They [the Kings] basically begged people to come by and figure it out,” explained @TheZenBlonde, “and one of the producers had the audacity to tell Mindy that he didn’t like her barrage of emails or harassing tone. Uh…she spent two hundred grand!”