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Psychic medium and reality TV star Matt Fraser said his new book, “We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife” came from the flood of questions he received during the pandemic.

“It was actually the fact that during the pandemic, everybody was writing in, asking me questions,” Fraser told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Because everybody knew somebody who had passed away or had gotten sick or was afraid of getting sick.”

Matt Fraser said he answered fans’ burning questions about death and dying in his new book

“People were so afraid of death and dying that literally, it was during the pandemic that my inbox was flooded every day with questions like, ‘What happens when we die? Is there heaven in the afterlife? How old are we in heaven? Are there soulmates?'” he shared.

Matt Fraser made an appearance on E! Daily Pop
Matt Fraser | Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“So, I started answering the questions as many as I could,” Fraser recalled. “And then I realized, well, wait a minute, everybody else must be thinking the same thing. I had all of this knowledge from the spirit world and doing these readings that I never get to share or talk about with everyone. So I said, I can’t keep this to myself. So I literally sat down and every time somebody wrote me a question, I answered it and I put it into my new book.”

Matt Fraser’s book may surprise some readers

Fraser addressed some questions that people were too embarrassed to ask during one of his shows. He has a section about if gay couples end up together or if married couples meet in the afterlife – and the answer may shock some readers.

“I wanted this book to be the questions that people were too afraid to ask a psychic medium, but really needed to know the answer,” he shared. “So these questions came right from my DMs. The questions that people were asking me privately about, like, for example, what happens when someone passes from suicide? You know, what happens when you don’t meet your soulmate here in this world? And I thought that this would be great to actually get it out there and give this information to everyone.”

Fraser also offers comfort to pet owners who wonder if they’ll see their beloved pets in the afterlife. “Yes, pets make it to heaven,” Fraser wrote. But he also addresses what happens when you die and if you are awake.

Is a book tour possible after the release?

Fraser said the book, which is his third, will be available for purchase on August 23. “Amazon, Barnes, and Noble Books-A-Million, Bookshop, Simon Schuster. Oh, and also I managed to do the audio version as well, which I recorded for everybody in case you’re not a reader,” he said.


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He continues to tour and hopes to possibly squeeze in a book signing tour for “We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife.”

“I’m hoping so,” Fraser said about a possible book tour. “I’m not sure yet because right now the schedule’s just been so crazy with touring and events, but we’re trying to see if we can kind of work it together and do something around the holidays. But nothing’s set in stone yet. Right now the main goal is getting this book to as many people as I can within the next week or so.”