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Psychic medium Matt Fraser from E!’s Meet the Frasers has talked to a slew of fans who didn’t get tickets to one of his shows because they could only find seats in the back – and thought sitting far from the stage meant they would be less likely to receive a reading.

“The biggest misconception and what I think is the saddest thing is people will say to me, ‘Oh Matt I didn’t get tickets because all that was left were the balcony and there’s absolutely no way he’s going to find me up there,” Fraser told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“And the truth is that during the event, I get off stage and I go where the spirits pull me,” Fraser shared. “So one minute I can be talking to somebody in the front row that had lost their mom. The next thing you know, being in the back with somebody who had lost their son, the next thing you know, being up on the balcony with someone who had lost their daughter. So the truth is, is that I’m all over the room, so it doesn’t matter.”

Matt Fraser said his team expects the unexpected during his shows

Fraser laughed that because he follows the spirits inside the venue, his team never knows where he’s going to go. “It drives my team crazy,” Fraser exclaimed. “Because they’re like, ‘Give us a sense of direction, like, where are you headed?’ When are you going to go upstairs? What are you going to do?’ I’m like, I have no idea. I don’t know if I’m going to be in the front row, back row … you have to follow my lead because I have no idea.

Matt Fraser speaks to a crowd during a live show
Matt Fraser | Matt Fraser Instagram

“So the key is like I guess really just knowing the venue really well to get to where it is that you need to be,” he said. “Because for example, I was just in Houston, Texas, and I literally had to take the elevator all the way up to the balcony to get to the people up there, because there were souls that were trying to come through and reach me.”

What can you expect during a Matt Fraser show?

Fraser is giving live readings on tour beginning July 8 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Seating is limited, but as he said, any seat in the house is good.

He said the tour readings are similar to what fans have seen him do on TV. “It’s a true group experience,” he explained. “During these events, there’s a secret. And the secret is, is that it doesn’t matter where you sit, it just matters that you’re there. Because when you’re there, your loved ones in spirit are there.”

“And what’s so amazing is how I’ll do soundcheck and the room will be completely silent,” he shared. “There’ll be no one there. Not a soul there. And then literally the moment that people start to enter the room, the room starts to fill with the voices of those in spirit. Because remember, you bring your loved ones to me. I don’t bring your loved ones to you. I just tell you what they’re saying, but they’re with you all the time. So when you attend an event, not only are you there, but your loved ones in spirit attend with you.”

Fans should come prepared for anything to happen

Fraser added that fans should prepare to be surprised during his show. He knows that most of the people attending his show may want to hear from a specific soul. “I will tell you that not everybody does get a message. It all depends on the souls that come through,” he said.


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But what happens if someone comes who is grieving and wants to hear from a specific loved one? “As a medium, I talk to my loved ones all the time, but they don’t talk back to me,” he said. “I don’t hear from my loved ones every single day. It’s the same thing, with the people that I read for. It all depends on what souls want to come through. Sometimes souls will come through right away. Sometimes they’ll take a little while. Some souls will choose not to speak or come through at that time, but when the time is right, those messages will come and messages will be delivered.”

Fraser said that some fans will receive a reading from a loved one they didn’t anticipate hearing from at one of his shows.

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