‘Quantum Leap’: What Is Dean Stockwell’s Net Worth?

Anyone who’s ever watched Quantum Leap knows who Dean Stockwell is. The actor had a long-running career that spans almost seven decades.

He has appeared in many films in his career as an actor and, even after taking a brief break from show business, still managed to achieve critical acclaim. With all the success the actor has achieved throughout his life, how much is he worth?

Who is Dean Stockwell?

Actor Dean Stockwell
Actor Dean Stockwell | Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

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Stockwell was born in Los Angeles on March 5, 1936, to a family of entertainers. His father, Harry Stockwell, is an actor and a singer. He also lent his voice for the Disney film Snow White for the part of Prince Charming. Stockwell’s elder brother Guy was a television and film actor, while his stepmother was a comedian, actress, and toe dancer.

The star’s father was performing on Broadway when he got wind of a play called Innocent Voyage by Paul Osbourne. The play was looking for child actors, so Stockwell’s mother took him and his brother to audition. They were successful and landed parts in the play. Although Stockwell had a small part, his appearance in the short-lived play led to a contract with MGM.

MGM gave Stockwell a small part in the 1945 melodrama The Valley of Decision. He later got a more significant role in the 1945 film Anchors Aweigh playing Kathryn Grayson’s nephew alongside Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. He appeared in more films, including The Greatest Show on Earth, Rapture, The Defenders, Burke’s Law, and The Eleventh Hour.

He called it quits on show business in the mid-60s but returned to acting in 1968 with the film Psych-Out alongside Jack Nicholson.

By 1985, Stockwell had become one of the busiest character actors in the industry, having appeared in critically acclaimed films like Paris Texas, Murder She Wrote, and The Blue Iguana, to mention a few.

What is ‘Quantum Leap’ about

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Quantum Leap was a science fiction show that aired on NBC from 1989 to 1993. The show followed physicist Dr. Sam Beckett (played by NCIS: New Orleans’ Scott Bakula) as he worked on his time travel project called Quantum Leap.

Beckett theorized that time travel exists, and one can travel through time within their lifetime. He pitched the project to the government and received funding to further it. Years later, when government officials failed to see the result of the project, they threatened to pull their funding from the project if they didn’t see any new findings.

Beckett then decided to test the accelerator on his own to save the project. As a result, he got thrown so far back in time that he lost consciousness. When he comes to, he finds that although he exists physically in the past, everyone else thinks of him as a person who’d leaped into himself.

He also suffers from partial amnesia to his identity. However, a hologram of Admiral Al Calavicci played by Stockwell appears. Only Beckett can hear or see the hologram. The Admiral explains to Beckett that he needs to correct one thing that went wrong. He gets help from his project’s supercomputer called Ziggy.

Although he manages to correct what went wrong, he continues jumping through time randomly within the second half of the 20th Century. He hopes that in restoring what was once bad, every time he leaps through different places and time, he gets closer to home.

What is Stockwell’s net worth

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Stockwell has had a long-running acting career that spans decades. His career has experienced highs and lows, but he always managed to get back into acting even after taking a hiatus. Apart from his acting career, Stockwell has a thriving art career.

In 2009, he exhibited his collage and sculpture works in Taos. In 2017, Stockwell’s wife announced that he had retired from acting after suffering and recovering from a stroke he’d had in 2015. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Stockwell’s net worth to be $1.5 million.