Quarantine DJ, DJ D-Nice, Says He’s Not Dating Halle Berry Yet But He’s For It If The Opportunity Presents Itself

Thanks to social media, the world is able to enjoy a dance party courtesy of DJ D-Nice. The hip hop executive turned DJ to the stars has had Instagram twerking almost every weekend since the country has been on lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. Famous faces refused to miss the party, with stars like Gabrielle Union and even the former First Family joining. One notable attendee of the virtual party was actress, Halle Berry. After Berry and Nice flirted throughout his session, fans are wondering if they’ve taken their flirtation off the gram and to real life. 

DJ D-Nice and Halle Berry
DJ D-Nice and Halle Berry via Twitter

Halle Berry and DJ D-Nice flirt on Instagram

Nice turned Instagram into a full house party during his quarantine session of over nine hours of live music. Hundreds of celebrities tuned in to enjoy the viral club, including Berry. The two casually flirted during Nice’s set. 

Source: Twitter

“I could stay here all damn night,” Berry wrote during the live, accompanied with a purple heart emoji. She later added, “Already got my drank and feeling okay.” 

In another part of the set, Berry wrote “I love you,” and even asked Nice to call her. 

Source: Instagram

Fans went wild and even created a cute moniker for the potential couple: BerryNice. The hashtag made it to the top 10 trending discussions on Twitter. 

DJ D-Nice says he and Halle Berry are not dating…yet

Nice caught wind of the buzz surrounding his live interactions with the acting beauty. During an interview with People Magazine, he spoke on his current relationship with Berry and was amazed at viewers reaction to the possibility of them dating.

Source: Instagram

“No Zoom dates. I’m not that fortunate yet. Hopefully, one day but not now,” he said with a smile. “We’re just having fun. Halle’s my friend and we are just having fun with it. It could be light flirting but nothing serious. We are just having fun with it. And it’s kind of cool–First of all, the fact that #BerryNice was number four on Twitter—what kind of world are we living in? Berry Nice. I love it. But she’s a sweetheart.”

While he holds out hope for a future with Berry, Nice revealed that his quarantine party was one of his favorite gigs due to interactions as such.

Source: Instagram

“It was one of my favorite sets. Normally when I’m deejaying, I’m paying attention to the body language, like I’m watching you dance,” he explained. “And if you’re not feeling it, you can potentially dictate the direction that I go into. Being that there was no one here, and I couldn’t see a soul. I just played from my heart and the fact that I played from my heart and it hit people was like this is what I should have been doing for the longest.”

In a sense, Nice has found a new way to touch people through music and potentially found a new relationship with Berry — if things progress between the two. 

DJ D-Nice and Halle Berry are both currently single

Since the two have no ties to anyone, the opportunity for Nice and Berry to date is there. Berry has been happily single since her last divorce. She’s used the time to heal and rediscover herself, something she said she never took the time to do.

Source: Instagram

“I’ve been enjoying that,” she told People Magazine in 2017 of her dating hiatus. “I’m just with my kids and I’m really taking time to think and reflect, and trying to figure out how to make different choices and just have a minute to be with myself. I think this is proving to be a really valuable time. I never really took time like this to be with myself.”

Source: Instagram

Nice was previously married to actress, Malinda Williams. Aside from being a DJ to the stars, he also works as a photographer. Let’s see what happens with #BerryNice when the lockdown is over!