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Looking at Saweetie and Quavo now, the California-born rapper and the Migo seem like the perfect match. For the last two years, the pair have been joined a the hip, showing out together on red carpets or being super cutesy on Instagram.

For Saweetie’s birthday recently, the Athens-born rapper gifted his lady two Birkin bags. They’ve also spent a great deal of time together amid quarantine. Still, despite their obvious love and affection for one another, the artists, keep much of their personal lives under wraps.

However, in a recent interview with GQ, they let their fans in on their first date, which actually ended with the USC alum ghosting her now beau.

This is how Swaeetie and Quavo met

The rappers met just like most young couples, online. Quavo was already a megastar in 2018 and Swaeetie was amassing a following and finding her footing in the music industry. Scrolling on Instagram one day, the QUAVO HUNCHO rapper spotted Swaeetie and he knew he had to shoot is shot.

“I seen her on my Explore page,” Quavo told GQ. “I was like, ‘Damn! Who is this?’ So I did my research and I DM her. I was like, ‘How she going to call herself icy and she don’t talk to me?’ So I slid in her DM. I told her, ‘You an icy girl, you need a glacier boy.’

Swaeetie had always been attracted to the rapper. “He’s always been fine to me,” she said “In a group chat [with friends], I would screenshot his picture and be like, ‘Damn, this n**** is fine.’ ” That initial DM turned into hours of talking on the phone and eventually a relationship, but it took a second to get there.

Quavo revealed why his relationship with Saweetie works

Now two years later, the couple has never been more in sync. They are even aware of their respective love languages. Saweetie’s is words of affirmation, and Quavo’s is acts of service.

The Migo revealed that his relationship with the 27-year-old works because he’s able to be his true self with her. Quavo’s struggled with being vulnerable in the past, which is why his debut solo album didn’t quite reach the heights he wanted it to. “If I would’ve went a little personal, I think my album would have been a little bit better,” he said. Being with Saweetie is different. He explained to GQ,

When she talk to me and when we started talking to each other, the Saweetie sh*t go out the window and the Quavo shit go out the window. I give her Quavious. I give her what my mama calls me. I don’t let people inside my life, and I let her inside. And she’s helping me grow up. She’s showing me how to love a woman.


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Saweetie ghosted Quavo after their first date

After months of talking on the phone, Quavo invited Saweetie to a backyard kickback in LA. It was not what she expected for a first date. “It looked like [the video to Tupac’s] ‘I Get Around, ”she recalled. She ghosted him as a result saying, “I was trying to play hard to get.”

After some time, Quavo got a second chance, this time in his hometown of Atlanta, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan. GQ reports,

He brought her to one of his favorite steak houses, Stoney River, where he nearly choked to death on a crab cake. “I’m still getting to know him, so I feel awkward because he’s, like, choking at the table,” Saweetie remembers. After dinner, Quavo took Saweetie to the headquarters of Quality Control Music to give her a tour of the studio. The evening would end, like many Atlanta nights do, at Magic City—the legendary strip club where exotic dancers turn twerking into an Olympic sport and its DJs are among the most powerful hitmakers in the industry. The music was on 100, bills were flying—and then a fight broke out.