The Surprising Connection Between Queen Elizabeth II and Kevin Bacon Proves an Old Theory True

You’d be hard-pressed to connect anyone from the royal family (less Meghan Markle) to a random Hollywood actor. However, we live in an era of innovation.

That means if you can dream up a scenario linking two random namesakes, there’s a great chance it can be proven. For instance, give us one to six degrees of separation and we can put Queen Elizabeth II and Kevin Bacon in a room together. Read on to find out how.

This old theory literally connects everyone to Kevin Bacon

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II talks to guests at an evening reception for members of the Diplomatic Corps at Buckingham Palace | Victoria Jones – WPA Pool/Getty Images

If you’ve never heard of the old “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” theory, prepare to have your mind blown. The theory suggests that, by selecting a celebrity name, you can link them to Kevin Bacon directly within six degrees.

For example, actress, Kyra Sedgwick, has a “Bacon” metric of one. Sedgwick is married to Bacon. Therefore, her connection is direct, not separated by any person or project.

If we wanted to find a connection between Beyoncé and Kevin Bacon, we’d scan the “Formation” singer’s IMDb page and find her 2009 film, Obsession. Actor, Bruce McGill, also starred in the film. McGill had a previous role in the 1978 fraternity comedy, Animal House, which Kevin Bacon also appeared.

All of this means Beyoncé has a Bacon metric of two degrees. If you want to de-bunk the theory, find any famous name on the planet who isn’t connected to the Footloose actor by six degrees or less. Good luck.

‘A Queen Is Crowned’ links Queen Elizabeth II to this English actor

In 1953, a documentary showing the queen’s coronation, A Queen Is Crowned, released. With an 82 minute runtime and a modest worldwide gross of just over $7,000, the film garnered five awards nominations and two wins.

Sir Laurence Olivier narrated the documentary and did so beforehand allowing the film immediate release.

Olivier, who’s arguably one of the great classical stage actors of our time, died at the age of 82 back in 1989. The actor’s career spanned decades with some of the most notable and iconic films to his credit.

Hamlet, Wuthering Heights, Sparticus, and King Lear are only a few of his memorable projects. However, it was his work in the 1979 movie, A Little Romance, that connects him with costar, David Dukes.

Here’s how Kevin Bacon is connected to Queen Elizabeth II

Dukes, who played George de Marco in A Little Romance, took on his first role in The Virginian in 1970. In the time since he had a recurring role in the TV shows like Sisters, Rose Red, and Dawson’s Creek.

In 1981, Dukes took the role of David in the comedy, Only When I Laugh. It’s based on Neil Simon’s play The Gingerbread Lady. Another notable actor in the film is, of course, Bacon, who had the role of Don.

That said, Queen Elizabeth II has a Bacon metric of three. While it’s not Beyoncé or Sedgewick’s level of separation, three degrees closer to the royal family isn’t bad.