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Prince William and Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge have accomplished so much during their time as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It almost actually seems as though they are everywhere at once since they carry out so many royal duties and attend so many events and engagements without even appearing to get the least bit flustered.

Prince William and Kate are always poised and professional, handling even the toughest and unique situations with the grace and dignity that we would expect from the future king and queen consort. There is no doubt that their behavior is analyzed on a regular basis, by people such as fans, the news media, and even other members of the royal family.

It can’t be easy when you know that millions of people are watching you every single day, and no one handles it better than Prince William and Kate. Their hard work certainly doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone. Now, a royal source is saying that Queen Elizabeth II “couldn’t be prouder” of Prince William and Kate.

Queen Elizabeth is the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom

Even people with high-profile jobs couldn’t imagine the massive amounts of attention that Queen Elizabeth receives. She may be the ruling monarch of Great Britain, but that is not to say that she is not known all over the world.

According to History Extra, she is an extremely fascinating woman, currently holding the record of being the longest-reigning monarch in British history. She became queen at just 25 years old, upon the death of her father, King George VI. Since then, she has done an excellent job in her role, and she has millions, if not billions, of admirers.

Many people may not know that her majesty was not even expected to become queen. So, how did it happen? Well, at first, she was third in line to the throne. Her uncle, Edward, and her father, the Duke of York were first and second. However, Edward abdicated his right to the throne in 1936, and when the Duke of York became king, the former Princess Elizabeth was right behind him.

The queen’s heirs

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Anthony Devlin – Pool/Getty Images

Technically, every member of the royal family is an heir to the queen and has a place in line to the throne. For example, her granddaughter, Zara Phillips, is 19th in the line of succession, making it highly unlikely that she will ever be crowned queen.

Prince William, on the other hand, is directly in the line of succession, being that he is the oldest son of Prince Charles, who is the firstborn child of Queen Elizabeth. Unless the unexpected occurs and Prince William passes away before Prince Charles, he is pretty much guaranteed to become the king of Great Britain, meaning that, as his wife, Kate will be a queen consort. 

Queen Elizabeth II ‘couldn’t be prouder’ of Prince William and Kate Middleton


Will Kate Middleton Bow to Prince William When He Becomes King?

Being the queen is a demanding job and even a hard-working woman such as Queen Elizabeth can’t do everything on her own. This is why she has senior family members that she can count on every day to help her do things that are in the best interest of the public, and that is exactly what she does.

Royal fans are used to seeing royals — such as Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, Kate, and others — making appearances and carrying out duties. They do such as a great job that Us Weekly now reports that the queen has noticed their efforts and “couldn’t be prouder” of Prince William and Kate.

“The wonderful thing about Kate and William is that they remain focused and calm even during their most challenging times,” a source told Us Weekly. “She couldn’t be prouder. She takes pride in being on top of everything but recognizes that it’s time to hand off some responsibility.”

In fact, the queen is so impressed with Prince William and Kate that she has reportedly told the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge “numerous times that they’re doing a wonderful job.”