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Queen Elizabeth has every reason to be a fussy eater. The longest-reigning monarch in history has had decades to cultivate her preferences. Plus she always has a team of people dedicated to making sure her meals are satisfactory. Several former chefs have revealed Her Majesty’s likes and dislikes throughout the years.

One of the most peculiar demands Queen Elizabeth makes doesn’t have to do with the menu — it has to do with the way her food is prepared. And there’s even a funny story behind why it would be in poor taste to serve the queen sandwiches (or any food) with pointed corners.

Queen Elizabeth eats more than 3 times per day

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images

Unlike Prince Charles who’s known to skip lunch and forces his staff to do the same, the queen is well known for enjoying multiple mini meals throughout her day. Former royal chef Darren McGrady shared that Her Majesty typically enjoys eating four meals per day.

She eats breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. During teatime, she opts for salmon or cucumber sandwiches with the corners cut off. These rounded edges aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They also contain a lot of symbolism and superstition the queen appears to follow.

Pointy food isn’t allowed at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace | Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images

Her Majesty enjoys tea sandwiches in the afternoon during her favorite mealtime of all. However, she insists on having the edges cut off to form a rounded shape with no crusts, one former royal chef revealed.

Graham Newbould, who worked for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles for six years, explained the reasoning behind the queen’s sandwiches.

“The royals never have square sandwiches because tradition has it that anyone presenting them with pointed-edged food is trying to overthrow the throne of England,” he said during the documentary Secrets of the Royal Kitchen, Daily Meal reported.   

Other royal family food precautions

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

It’s well-known that Queen Elizabeth is not a fan of garlic because of the unpleasant effects on her breath. She also avoids pasta, excessive onions, and tomato sauce as a rule. Meanwhile, she selects lighter fare such as salmon, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. McGrady said Her Majesty adores eating strawberries plus chocolate biscuit cake (in moderation, of course).

When traveling abroad, the queen and other senior royals frequently pack their own bottled water so they don’t become ill during royal tours. Her Majesty also avoids eating shellfish while touring to reduce her risk of getting food poisoning, Business Insider reported.

The bottled water is used for everything, from hydration to making tea.

Queen Elizabeth isn’t the pickiest eater in the royal family

Prince Charles
Prince Charles | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Has a ‘Royal Taster’ Who Samples Her Meals Before She Does

The queen has very particular demands when it comes to what she eats. However, she’s not the pickiest eater among the royal family members. That title goes to the heir apparent Prince Charles. He reportedly has such high standards for breakfast that his staff wastes over 3 dozen eggs getting it perfect for him.

Still, there’s no word on whether Charles will also require rounded corners on sandwiches once he’s king or if he’s not too worried about someone trying to overthrow the crown.