Queen Elizabeth Just Gave a Subtle Signal Where Camilla Parker Bowles Stands In the Royal Family

Camilla Parker Bowles has not always enjoyed a strong relationship with the rest of the royal family. But after years of building up a good rapport, things have changed between her and Queen Elizabeth. With the future of the monarchy in mind, Her Majesty just gave a subtle signal that tells us exactly where Camilla stands in the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles and Queen Elizabeth | Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Inside Camilla Parker Bowles’ rise

Camilla married into the royal family when she wed Prince Charles in 2005. Their relationship, however, extends much further back than that – and it has not always been positive.

Charles and Camilla dated prior to his romance with Princess Diana. They ultimately rekindled things and their affair was one reason his marriage did not work out. It also negatively affected their public image, especially following Diana’s death in 1997.

But over the years, Camilla has worked hard to rebuild her popularity and is believed to have infused a bit of fun into the family.

Given her history with Charles, many royal watchers did not expect her to take the title of Queen Consort, mostly out of respect for Diana. But that has seemingly changed in recent years, and Queen Elizabeth may have just confirmed Camilla’s title once Charles takes the throne.

Camilla Parker Bowles to be HRH The Princess Consort

For the longest time, the royal family’s website included a statement about Camilla’s title once Charles is on the throne. The statement talked about how Camilla will likely be named Queen Consort after Charles’ coronation.

“It is intended that The Duchess will be known as HRH The Princess Consort when The Prince of Wales acceded to the throne,” the statement explained.

The fact that the royal family’s website had to release a statement about Camilla Parker Bowles’ future title says a lot about her history. But what’s interesting is that the statement was recently removed and has not been replaced with anything.

This seems to suggest that there are no longer any questions regarding Camilla’s future title. If that is the case, then royal watchers can expect Camilla to take the title of Queen Consort once Queen Elizabeth is gone.

Camilla has not confirmed which title she will accept, though Queen Elizabeth just offered a subtle hint about where she stands in the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth offers a subtle sign about Camilla’s rank

Every year, the royal family spends the holidays at Queen Elizabeth’s estate in Sandringham. On Christmas Day, the royals attend a church service, offering fans a rare glimpse of them all in one place.

According to Express, Her Majesty typically rides to the church service in a car with Prince Philip. This year, however, Philip skipped the event due to health issues.

Not wanting to ride alone to the service, Queen Elizabeth invited Camilla to join her in the car. The move is a pretty big deal for Camilla and shows that Queen Elizabeth is ready for her to sit beside Charles at the head of the monarchy.

Charles will become the King of the United Kingdom as soon as Queen Elizabeth abdicates the throne or passes on. Although Charles will be King, Camilla will not receive her new title until his official coronation.

Queen Elizabeth’s death hoax

A few weeks ago, rumors hit social media that Queen Elizabeth had passed away from a heart attack. The reports first surfaced on WhatsApp and were quickly debunked.

In the event that Queen Elizabeth passes away, a footman will appear outside of Buckingham Palace in mourning attire. The royal family’s website will then turn a different color and all of the pages will be replaced with an official statement.

Radios across the United Kingdom will then sound an alarm called RATS, or radio alert transmission, which was commonly used in the war.

Members of the privy council will then be summoned as well as the High Commissioners of Realm Commonwealth countries, the Lord Mayor, and the Aldermen of the City of London. At the meeting, an official proclamation is read and Charles will take an oath to the Church of Scotland.

Camilla Parker Bowles will later receive the title of Queen Consort, which grants her all of the privileges the monarchy has to offer. She will not, however, be named the Queen of the United Kingdom as this title is reserved for royals who are born into the family.

Queen Elizabeth nor any member of the royal family have commented on the future of the monarchy.