Queen Elizabeth Makes Major Changes To Her Staff As Prince Charles Prepares To Take The Throne

Buckingham Palace is undergoing a lot of changes in 2019. Queen Elizabeth is expanding her staff by adding a Communications Officer and Prince Charles is hiring someone to manage his social media accounts. With Elizabeth turning 93 years old this year, the moves are being made in anticipation of Charles taking the throne in the near future.

Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles, and Queen Elizabeth
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth | Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Buckingham Palace gets new staffers

Officials at Buckingham Palace posted the new job openings at the Royal Household and Highgrove Royal Gardens. For the communications position, the palace is looking for someone to support several members of the royal family, though the person is expected to work primarily with Queen Elizabeth. One of the duties listed in the position is attending Her Majesty’s yearly Garden Party, which means they will be working closely with Queen Elizabeth.

According to Express, other duties include handling questions from the media and constructing content for the royal family’s website. The position is located inside Buckingham Palace, though the person will be expected to travel throughout the country and overseas as needed.

The social media manager, meanwhile, is expected to run an Instagram and Twitter account for Prince Charles. The job posting revealed that the duties include creating content for blogs and news stories, emailing promotional material, and writing pieces for the family’s website. Charles is looking for someone who has tons of energy and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment.

When will Charles take the throne?

Charles has been waiting to inherit the crown ever since his grandfather, King George VI, passed away in 1951. Now that he is 70 years old, Charles is the oldest person to carry the title of Prince of Wales. He has also held the title for longer than anyone else in the royal family.

With Queen Elizabeth lessening her workload, royal watchers are wondering if she will abdicate the throne while she still has a few years left. Her Majesty has never seemed interested in the idea of stepping down, though some sources believe she might give up the crown within the next three years.

Back in the early 1990s, the majority of the public in the UK wanted to see Elizabeth abdicate in favor of Charles. But following the demise of his marriage to Princess Diana and the cheating scandal that followed, Charles’ popularity took a major hit.

A new poll, for example, showed that 70 percent of citizens preferred Queen Elizabeth to continue her reign. The numbers do not bode well for Charles, but that does not mean Elizabeth will stay on the throne.

Will Charles abdicate?

There has also been plenty of talk about Charles abdicating in favor of his son, Prince William. The abdication rumors have heated up over the last few years as William’s popularity continues to soar. The latest polls, for example, suggest that almost half of the population would rather see William take the throne than Charles. In fact, William and his wife, Kate Middleton, are among the most popular members of the royal family, aside from Queen Elizabeth.

Although William is vastly more popular than his father, it is unlikely that Charles will give up the throne. After all, Charles has waited a long time to take the throne and has never shown any interest in giving it up. There are also reports that Elizabeth is making plans for a smooth transition and wants Charles to inherit the crown after she is gone. The new staffing positions appear to reinforce the idea that Charles will be the next King of England.

Charles might take an unexpected title

Once he takes the throne from Queen Elizabeth, Charles has the right to choose a new name. Most royal experts believe he will stick with his namesake and become Charles III, though a few royal watchers believe he might surprise everyone and select a completely different name.

Like most members of the royal family, Charles has more than one first name and could just as easily be called George VII. The Prince of Wales’ full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, so he has a few options at his disposal.