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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been enjoying life as private citizens for only a little while, but the royal family seems to already be moving on without them. The couple has settled in nicely to their new home in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. But the queen might have just subtly hinted she doesn’t miss them very much.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle
Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Harry and Meghan are settling in to life on their own terms

At the beginning of 2020, Harry and Meghan made a shocking announcement: They would be leaving the royal family. Though it was unexpected, it wasn’t totally surprising, considering the two have been battling a harsh relationship with the press since they wed back in May 2018.

After some intense conversation with the queen, it was decided that the two would be completely cut off from the family (they were originally hoping to split their time) as it made the most sense. Since then, Harry has joined his wife and son in Vancouver, and the two are starting to figure out their new normal.

Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to have stepped up their royal duties

Ever since Harry and Meghan’s departure, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been stepping up their royal duties. The two seem to be out and about more than ever, though there hasn’t been any confirmation that they are taking on new responsibilities. Now that they’re the only working royals of their generation, it would make sense that they have more to do.

Royal commentators also suspect that the queen might appoint two new working royals, such as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, to take over Harry and Meghan’s roles.

The queen has been highlighting William and Kate’s engagements more than ever

The royal family’s official Instagram tends to post many different events and faces. But lately, the account has been focusing even more on William and Kate’s accomplishments and day-to-day engagements. The account has posted two consecutive images detailing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s charitable engagements, which isn’t all too common.

On the contrary, the account has, for obvious reasons, stopped posting entirely about Harry and Meghan. It seems the queen might be subtly hinting that William and Kate will do just fine without their in-laws there to take on some of the work.

The family reportedly has a contingency plan in place for the couple’s return

Though Harry and Meghan seem to be enjoying their Canada lifestyle so far (Meghan was recently spotted walking her dogs while hiking with Archie), the palace reportedly does have a contingency plan in place should the couple decide to return.

Leaving the family also means leaving the security blanket in terms of paparazzi, and Meghan and Harry might not be prepared for the influx of photographers that will surround them in Canada. The two will hopefully be able to settle in nicely to their new home, but the palace reportedly wants to have all of their bases covered should a return to royal life be necessary.