Royal Experts Want Queen Elizabeth to Self-Isolate Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

Though it initially seemed to be a small issue, in the past few weeks the coronavirus has become a full-blown global crisis. At present, several cities in China are locked down, and Italy just announced a total lockdown of the country.

Since there has been so much misinformation about how the virus is spread, many people are currently in panic-mode. However, according to doctors, the best thing we can all do is wash out hands, cover our mouths with our elbows if we sneeze and or/cough, and remain home if we’re feeling ill.

However, this is causing a great deal of concern for politicians across the globe and major figures from the Pope to Queen Elizabeth II who greet hundreds of people weekly. Though the queen has continued on with her royal duties, some royal experts have called for her to self-isolate due to her advanced age.

Queen Elizabeth has not spoken publically about the coronavirus crisis

Though the queen has seemingly taken a keep calm and carry on approach regarding the coronavirus crisis, that hasn’t stopped her disgraced son, Prince Andrew from speaking for her.

If you didn’t know — the prince was stripped from his royal duties in November 2019 following his ill-fated BBC News Night interview where he defended his relationship with the late sex offender Jefferey Epstein. To make matters worse, one of Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia Roberts also accused the price of sexually abusing her when she was just 17. Though the prince adamantly denied any involvement, the scandal was enough for him to step back from royal life.

However, tht didn’t stop the prince from having dinner with Chinese ambassador, Liu Xiaoming. The ambassador shared detailed information about the dinner on Twitter. “Her Majesty The Queen sent an encouraging message to President Xi and Chinese people,” Xiaoming wrote. “At the critical time of fighting #coronavirus, I express my sincere sympathy for Chinese people, and pray for the speedy control and victory over the virus. It was conveyed by Duke of York.”

Queen Elizabeth has been wearing gloves to protect her from coronavirus

Though she has not yet canceled any engagements — the queen has relied on one of her trusty wardrobe accessories to protect her from the virus. People diagnosed with COVID-19 in the U.K. has risen over 373 with six deaths. Also, Health minister Nadine Dorries has been diagnosed with the virus. Meanwhile, the queen has turned to his trusty gloves.

During a March 3 ceremony, the queen shook hands while wearing gloves. Though she wears gloves often, this was new. “This is the first time in my memory, and I’ve been covering the royal family for 30 years, that Her Majesty has worn gloves for an investiture,” said ABC News royal contributor Robert Jobson. “It is clear that she is acting on advice and her doctors are taking no chances.” Since then the queen has banned handshakes.

A Buckingham Palace insider told The Mirror, “The queen and Palace staff would follow government advice.”

Royal experts think Queen Elizabeth should self-isolate

Though the queen is carrying out her royal duties, royal experts are nervous. The New York Post noted that “the elderly are among those most vulnerable to the illness.” Queen Elizabeth turns 94 on April 21.

The former MEP for London, Lance Forman tweeted his concern, “Just heard on #LBC that Nadine Dorries met with Boris who has subsequently met with the queen at Westminster Abbey. Why isn’t her maj self isolating. Seems bizarre to put her at risk at public events.”

The queen could choose self-isolation if things escalate. “The Queen is soldiering on and at moment there are no plans to cancel any of the garden parties planned for the summer – but if the coronavirus gets worse, I can’t imagine the palace powers-that-be will want her meeting and greeting thousands of people. Not at her age,” royal author Phil Dampier explained to the Daily Telegraph.