Queen Elizabeth Has Gone Into Self-Quarantine Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The British royal family is reeling from the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis just like the rest of us. Initially, the royals were carrying on with their regular schedules, avoiding handshakes and washing their hands. However, as the pandemic has gotten worse, Buckingham Palace has had to make some drastic changes.

Last week, royal experts were alarmed that Queen Elizabeth II was carrying on with her duties. Since the queen will be 94 in April, her advanced age puts her at high-risk for contracting the virus and its more serious side effects.

Now that matters have gotten more critical, Queen Elizabeth along with other members of the royal family have decided to self-quarantine.

All royal events have been canceled or postponed

Queen Elizabeth had taken to wearing gloves during her events when coronavirus first began to spread. During a March 3 ceremony, the queen shook hands while wearing gloves. “This is the first time in my memory, and I’ve been covering the royal family for 30 years, that Her Majesty has worn gloves for an investiture,” said ABC News royal contributor Robert Jobson. “It is clear that she is acting on advice and her doctors are taking no chances.”

Since then, Buckingham Place has taken the next steps to cancel and postpone all forthcoming royal events. “In consultation with the Medical Household and Government, a number of public events with large numbers of people due to have been attended by The Queen, and other Members of the Royal Family, in the coming months will be cancelled or postponed,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Royal experts have been urging Queen Elizabeth to self-isolate

As new information regarding the pandemic began to spread, many royal experts were alarmed that the queen was not self-isolating. “The Queen is soldiering on and at moment there are no plans to cancel any of the garden parties planned for the summer – but if the coronavirus gets worse, I can’t imagine the palace powers-that-be will want her meeting and greeting thousands of people. Not at her age,” royal author Phil Dampier explained to the Daily Telegraph.

Thankfully, the queen will officially leave London for her country home in Windsor on March 19.

Queen Elizabeth will be self-isolating at Windsor Castle

In accordance with the World Health Organization, the queen’s health. and more information regarding the coronavirus, Buckingham Palace has finally made some drastic changes to Queen Elizabeth’s schedule. The Palace has revealed that the queen will leave for Easter holiday on Thursday, March 19, one week earlier than planned. At present, she has no plans to return to London.

“As a sensible precaution and for practical reasons in the current circumstances, a number of changes are being made to The Queen’s diary,” the royal family tweeted. “Audiences due to take place this week at Buckingham Palace will go ahead as planned. These include receiving the Prime Minister, the Commanding Officer of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and the Bishop of Hereford. Future Audiences will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, in line with the appropriate advice.”