Queen Elizabeth’s 1 Decision Pushed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Leave Royal Life

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry‘s decision to step away from royal life shocked the world. Many were confused and wondered what that meant for the royal family. The entire ordeal got dubbed Megxit, as a play on words.

The couple is taking steps to be financially independent, and they are now living in the United States. There were a few factors that lead to their choice to resign, but the queen made a certain decision that reportedly pushed them to leave. 

Prince Harry and Meghan take their leave

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

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As an American actress and woman of color, Meghan’s marriage into the royal family brought all kinds of excitement. Some felt that her arrival was a positive change. However, Insider reports that there was trouble even before the wedding. 

After Prince Harry made their relationship official, he made a statement that addressed the harassment towards Meghan from the British press. He pointed out that some of the remarks were racist. For example, one comment had compared the couple’s newborn baby to a monkey. 

Back in January, the couple announced that they were stepping back from their duties. In April, they stopped using their titles and officially resigned from the royal family. It was not an easy decision for anyone. 

A friend of Prince Harry mentioned that the prince was suffering a lot. Prince Harry was struggling to protect his family from the press. Meghan, on the other hand, may have been suffocating in the royal family as a result of living in a different culture. 

The queen did announce her support of the couple’s decision. However, her message hints that she is in control. It shows that there is no going halfway when someone is a working royal. 

The 2019 Christmas speech

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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Every year, the queen gives a speech on Christmas day. However, some people wondered if Queen Elizabeth was going to cancel it for 2019 given all the scandals in the royal family. She decided to carry on with the speech instead. 

During the speech, Queen Elizabeth talked about the good and the bad that happened during the year. She welcomed her new great-grandchild Archie. Her speech mentioned Prince of Wales’ visit to Cuba, which marked the first time in history a British royal officially traveled there. 

Queen Elizabeth also commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day. She spoke about the importance of reconciliation. She stated: “How small steps taken in faith and in hope can overcome long-held differences and deep-seated divisions to bring harmony and understanding.” 

Some internet users believe that Queen Elizabeth’s outfit was a small hint of her opinions concerning Brexit. Her blue dress, accompanied by a sapphire and diamond brooch, reminded many fans of the EU flag. However, this would not be the only possible subtle message that people noticed. 

How did the Christmas speech encourage their decision?

When it came to Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave, the 2019 Christmas speech played a crucial part. It was not so much of what Queen Elizabeth said but rather what she did not say. According to Marie Claire, there may have been subtle hints about her feelings on their exit. 

In Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s Sussex biography titled Finding Freedom, Prince Harry and Meghan got hurt when they noticed the Queen’s surroundings. On Queen Elizabeth’s desk, there were a few family photos. However, Prince Harry, Meghan, and their son were all missing from the pictures.  

In addition to the photos, Queen Elizabeth did not mention either Prince Harry or Meghan in her speech. However, she did talk about the birth of their son. She and Prince Philip welcomed the newborn child into the family. 

Prince Harry and Meghan were upset as a result of the Christmas speech. Scobie and Durand reported: “Harry felt as though he and Meghan had long been sidelined by the institution and were not a fundamental part of its future.”