Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral: Princess Charlotte Wore a Special Gift From Her Late Great-Grandmother

Princess Charlotte arrived at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral wearing a meaningful gift the late monarch gave her. She was the youngest royal in attendance, and she joined the tradition of wearing standout pieces of jewelry to special events.

Read on to learn what animal interest the princess shared with her “Gan-Gan” and discover the thoughtful gift the late queen gave her. Plus, find out who else paid tribute to the iconic monarch through their accessories.

(L-R) Meghan Markle, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince George, Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, and Sophie Wessex at the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Charlotte adorned a special gift from her late great-grandmother.
(L-R) Meghan Markle, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince George, Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, and Sophie Wessex | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Princess Charlotte shared Queen Elizabeth’s love of horses

Queen Elizabeth was an equestrian since childhood and enjoyed riding throughout her life. And even though she was worth so much to her kingdom, she reportedly refused to wear a helmet while on a horse. She said that might spare her an extra visit from the royal hairdresser and instead would wear Hermès scarves, either vintage or made especially for her.

The late queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, inherited her interest and became the first royal to compete in the Olympics (per Town & Country). She rode her mother’s horse named Goodwill in a three-day equestrian event in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall, is also a famed equestrian and Olympian. And now Princess Charlotte is also learning to ride.

Princess Charlotte wore a horseshoe brooch, a special gift from her ‘Gan-Gan,’ at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Charlotte was dressed in a black coat and hat, and a diamond horseshoe brooch on her jacket stood out. It was a gift from her great-grandmother and a nod to their shared love for horses.

The seven-year-old princess was the youngest royal attendee at the funeral. And this was her first time publicly wearing a brooch, as is customary for royals at special events (per Harper’s Bazaar).

Along with Charlotte, Prince George wore mourning attire, and both children seemed to understand the event’s solemnity. But she appeared to help her big brother keep up with some of the formal rules of the occasion. Cameras caught the siblings in conversation, and she seemed to be offering him guidance on when to bow (per People).

After the event, Charlotte’s emotions caught up to her, and she was spotted crying while receiving comfort from her mother, Kate Middleton.

Other tributes at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

One expert said the tradition of wearing exquisite jewels was crucial to Queen Elizabeth, but she was thoughtful about when and where to showcase them.

“The queen left a very strong understanding that jewellery [sic] is important — and it can be used and it should be used sensitively,” said jewelry expert Joanna Hardy (per Harper’s Bazaar).

So, Charlotte is carrying on a royal tradition. And, of course, she wasn’t alone in wearing a significant jewelry piece for the sad but historic day.

For example, Kate also opted to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth through her choice of accessories, donning a pearl necklace and earrings that once belonged to her. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle wore pearl and diamond drop earrings gifted by her grandmother-in-law.

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