Queen Elizabeth’s Simple Trick for Handling ‘Wardrobe Emergencies’ While Traveling

She may be one of the most high-profile women in the entire world, but that doesn’t mean that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have fashion emergencies just like the rest of us. After all, she is only human, so it is to be expected that there may be times when she finds herself with a run in her pantyhose or a dress that doesn’t fit the way it should.

Even with the most experienced stylists at her disposal, Queen Elizabeth has had the occasional faux pas. But being as level-headed as she is, she always knows exactly what to do.

Her majesty is not only constantly on camera, but she also sees thousands of fans all over the world and meets with important people on a regular basis. When someone is in the spotlight as much as she is, any old outfit certainly won’t do, so the queen definitely knows that she has to look her best at all times. Let’s talk about Queen Elizabeth’s simple trick for handling “wardrobe emergencies” while traveling.

What are some of Queen Elizabeth’s most iconic style moments?

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

When it comes to the outfits that she wears, the queen has a unique style all her own. She is most often seen in bright, neon colors when she makes an appearance so that she can assure that she doesn’t blend in with the rest of the crowd.

So, what are some of her most iconic style moments that fans will never forget? According to Vogue, there are quite a few. Although we usually see her majesty in conservative coat dresses and matching hats, she has surprised us from time to time with something different.

She wore a stunning satin dress to her coronation in 1952 and then wore it six times after that. And of course, Queen Elizabeth’s magnificent wedding dress made a statement, featuring long sleeves and a heart-shaped neckline.

Have there ever been any royal wardrobe malfunctions?

It is often pretty amusing when someone experiences a wardrobe malfunction, but have there ever been times when it happened to a member of the royal family? According to Discoverlifestyle, there most definitely have been.

There was the time the ever-poised Kate, Duchess of Cambridge got her heel caught in a drainpipe and Prince William came to her rescue before it turned into a full-blown disaster. Then, there was the time that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall almost lost her hat when it was a bit windy outside. Fans can surely remember when Kate was wearing a wrap dress to a public appearance and was forced to re-tie it while the cameras were pointed directly at her.

Looks like even the royals can’t be perfect all the time, and they have minor slip-ups every now and again. 

Queen Elizabeth’s simple trick for handling ‘wardrobe emergencies’ while traveling

Since malfunctions can happen to anyone at just about any time, it is a smart move to always be prepared, and that is exactly what her majesty does.

So, what is Queen Elizabeth’s simple trick for handling those pesky “wardrobe emergencies” while traveling? Express reports that she avoids embarrassing moments by having weights sewn into the hemlines of her skirts and dresses just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

It is a very easy way to make sure the cameras don’t catch the queen when she is looking flustered or less than her best, and it actually came to be after she had a fashion moment that she would likely rather forget. It happened in 1963 when she was caught in a gust of wind, and naturally, Queen Elizabeth did what was necessary to ensure that it never happened again.