The Cast Of ‘Queer Eye’ Have The Sweetest Relationship

Grab your tissues; the hit Netflix show, Queer Eye, is back for Season 4. This season, the Fab Five is headed to Kansas City, Missouri to help deserving heroines and heroes change their lives for the better. The Fab Five consists of five, gay, men; each one an expert in his respective field. The members of the group include Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness covering Design, Culture, Fashion, Food, and Grooming respectively, In just a few days, each member of the Fab Five coaches a deserving person to help transform their life for the better. But as amazing as the rapport is between the cast is on screen, it’s even cuter off-screen.

Queer Eye cast
Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, and Jonathan Van Ness | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

One of the things that makes Queer Eye such a delight to watch is how much the cast genuinely loves one another. You can tell that the relationship between all five men extends far beyond the realm of coworkers. The Fab Five are all very comfortable with each other and have genuine relationships with one another. They make sure to support one another, hang out together, razz on each other, and even troll fans together. Let’s take a look at some of their cutest moments.

Emmy Nominations

Earlier this week it was announced that Queer Eye had been nominated for a whopping six Emmy awards. Porowski celebrated this incredible feat by penning a beautiful note of gratitude for the entire cast and crew. Taking to his Instagram page, the food expert wrote the following: “Today is a damn good day. Queer Eye was nominated for 6 freaking Emmys. This show changed my life and how I view the world I live in and its wonderful people & their stories. I’m honored to work among the women and men who, from day 1, have collaborated on this game-changer of a show,” Porowski wrote sweetly.

Trolling 101

We stan for celebs who troll their fans. Van Ness and Porowski left Queer Eye fans shook when they decided to confirm the long-standing rumors that they were dating. On July 4, Porowski posted a photo of the two of them kissing and declaring that it was their anniversary. Fans who ship the pair had never been happier. Of course, Van Ness later confirmed that it was all a joke. “It was all Antoni’s idea, but maybe someday we will fall in love. Not a couple but it was fun, right?” Van Ness stated, posting his own picture of the two cuddling. Yup, definitely a fun time.

Dance Party

I mean if you can’t have random dance parties with your friends, who can you have them with? It’s so good to see that despite all the amazing opportunities these men have coming their way, they can still let loose with one another and have a great time.

Travel buddies

If you want to test a friendship, see if you can travel with that person without the overwhelming urge to kill them. The Fab Five have passed this test with flying colors. Not only do they take plenty of road trips together for Queer Eye, but they have also traveled overseas together. Just last year they traveled to Australia and were able to experience an entirely different culture together.


We love the physical and emotional intimacy that these men share. It’s something that we don’t see enough in our society, especially amongst men. Toxic masculinity is ever-present, so it’s so refreshing to see male friendships like the ones the Queer Eye cast share. This intimacy helps to combat the idea that men can’t have openly loving friendships with one another.

Pool party

Where was our invite? Nothing says Summer like spending a day lounging in the pool with your friends. The cast of Queer Eye seems to agree and spent a hot July afternoon surrounded by great music and better company.

Season 4

Honestly, we could probably continue forever. The best thing about Queer Eye, both the cast and the show, is that they only get better with time. So grab your friends, your popcorn, and give your weekend over to the feel-good show. Season 4 of Queer Eye is now streaming on Netflix.