‘Queer Eye’: Are The Fab Five Actually Friends With Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift once again delivered a star-studded musical experience when she released the music video for her newest single “You Need To Calm Down” off of her upcoming album, Lover. Though the music video was packed with famous stars, fans were super excited to see that Swift had included the cast of the hit Netflix show, Queer Eye. But are the Fab Five actually friends with the “Teardrops On My Guitar” singer?

Netflix's 'Queer Eye'
‘Queer Eye’ Cast | Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage

Jonathan Van Ness

Following the release of the music video, grooming expert, Jonathan Van Ness, took the time to show his support of the video and Swift on his Instagram profile. Not only did he thank Swift for including him and the other members of the fab five in her video, but he also praised Swift for her recent involvement in politics. “I live for a queen who writes their elected officials 🏳️‍🌈 love the video & thanks for having us” Van Ness wrote.

Antoni Poworski and Bobby Berk

But Van Ness wasn’t the only one to show his support of the video. Antoni Porowski quickly followed suit and also posted to his Instagram page.”You Need To Calm Down trailer. Thank you @taylorswift not only this song but for letting us be a part of it. Also, I totally warned you about what happens when you don’t put lids on blenders” Porowski said jokingly in what was clearly an inside joke between the pair. Meanwhile, design expert, Bobby Berk, also gave Swift a shout out and the sweetest compliment. “I’m anything but calm! So much fun filming with this angel” Berk declared.

Tan France

But many fans were quick to note that fashion expert, Tan France, was missing from quite a few scenes that his other castmates were present for. Even though France was in some parts of the music video, it didn’t stop people from speculating about his reasoning for not being in some of the other parts of the music video. One conspiracy theorist even suggested that France dropped out of the music video because he didn’t agree with its overall message. Luckily, It didn’t take long for France to debunk those rumors completely.

Taking to his Instagram page, he posted a part of the video he was in with an informative caption. “Taylor Swift’s new video is out now, and it’s a celebration of Equality! Thanks for having us, Taylor Swift.P.S I was filming my new show the day the other boys shot their part, and I’m so sad I missed their tea party” France assured fans.

Karamo Brown

But, aside from the display of social media support, do the Fab Five truly consider Swift a friend? The answer is an absolute yes if you ask culture expert, Karamo Brown. In a recent interview with People, Brown took the opportunity to sing Swift’s praises and defend her decision to do this type of music video, which seems to be quite controversial in the LGBT+ community at the moment. Brown went out of his way to defend Swift against people who insist that the 29-year-old is pandering to the gay community and commercializing their struggle and pain for profit.

Insisting that Swift has pure intentions and is utilizing her privilege for good, Brown spoke out about his friendship with the 10-time GRAMMY winner. “We had these amazing conversations about her influence and her understanding the importance of helping people to see that they should open their minds. That’s a woman who is using her power for good, and I’m just proud to be her friend now” Brown stated earnestly.

Taylor Swift

For all intents and purposes, it appears that the Fab Five do share a genuine connection with Swift. While they are by no means besties, they definitely have a respect and appreciation for the “Red” singer. Honestly, if there’s ever a hero on Queer Eye who is a complete Swiftie, we’d love to see Swift show up for her newfound friends by making a special appearance on the show. For now, though, the music video for “You Need To Calm Down” will have to do.