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Queer Eye has wormed its way into the hearts of fans during its five season run. Over just two and a half years, the Fab Five, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Karamo Brown have become a staple in pop culture and a beacon of light for style-less folks everywhere. Now, they are gearing up for the premiere of Queer Eye Season 6.

'Queer Eye' season 6 cast Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness attend Netflix event
Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness | Jerod Harris/Getty Images

The Fab Five was burned out

Queer Eye Season 6 has taken a bit longer to come out than other seasons due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But the break actually worked out for the Fab Five.

“You can expect a bit of a difference from me and the boys: me and Jonathan and Tan and Antoni and Karamo,” Berk told HolywoodLife. “I know as many seasons as we’ve been cranking out so quickly, in just a matter of two and half years, I think we were starting to get a little jaded. I think we weren’t getting touched as emotionally as we had in the past, but my god — this season. There [were] a lot of waterworks.”

Production had to wait until it was safe for both the Fab Five and the participants to be in the same place without social distancing.

“It took over a year for us to get back to work because Netflix thought it was really important for us to really go out and do what we normally do: give those hugs, give that self care, really connect with people,” Berk continued. “If we went back too soon, we wouldn’t really have been able to do that for everyone’s safety. So once we were all vaccinated, we were able to really get in there and do our thing.”

What can we expect from season 6?

Since the boys were all ready and rested before filming this season, they were all in touch with their emotions when filming.

“We were all back in it,” Berk told the outlet. “We were all fully recharged and ready to be open and emotional. I don’t think we got through 10 minutes of the first episode we filmed before I was bawling. It’s definitely a much more emotional season. It felt really good to be back to helping people again.”

When it comes to the touching stories that viewers have grown accustomed to, the heartfelt moments are going to be supersized as a result of how tough a year 2020 was for most people.


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“One thing I do think it changed was our stories,” he said. “Every single hero we worked with had, of course, been affected in some way.”

When is ‘Queer Eye’ Season 6 coming out?

So far, there has been no release date set for Queer Eye Season 6. Before the pandemic, the show typically released two seasons a year, but taking the show’s long hiatus into account, it’s unclear how many seasons we will get this year. 

“Give or take, less than six months I’d say,” Berk told the outlet.