‘Queer Eye’ Star Tan France Has a Hilariously Strong Take on Crocs

Considering how simple they are, it’s amazing that Crocs can spark such strong opinions. It seems like people either love them or hate them. And those who hate them really hate them. 

Crocs are just rubber shoes with holes in the top and a strap on the back. They come in any color, from plain black to camo to tie-dye pink. People who love them say that they’re comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to clean. Those who hate them say they’re just plain ugly.

Even celebrities are piling on with the Croc hate. One of their biggest critics is Queen Eye star and fashion mogul Tan France. 

Tan France really hates Crocs 

Tan France attends the 71st Emmy Awards.
Tan France | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

France hates Crocs so much he’s spoken out about them multiple times. He most recently reiterated his opinion on the controversial footwear in an interview in New York.

France says he doesn’t like fashion rules. He’d rather not restrict people with hard and fast do and don’t regulations. He makes one exception: He has a rule about Crocs, and the gist of it is just don’t.

France said: “The only rule I like is: Don’t wear Crocs … because nobody will sleep with you. If you want to remain celibate, wear Crocs.”

He essentially echoed the same sentiment he expressed to Page Six last June. During that interview, France decried the uselessness and impracticality of Crocs. 

“The funniest trend was the Crocs/rubber shoes trend. I found it laughable that anyone would ever feel stylish or comfortable in those horrors,” France said. “Rubber shoes? There’s no way that’s going to have anyone’s feet smelling anything but swampy.”

Tan France has been on his Crocs crusade for a long time

It’s true that rubber doesn’t seem like it would make for a comfortable shoe. Still, to each their own. But France can’t just let this go.

He has taken his campaign against Crocs seriously. Back in 2018, he re-tweeted an article about the brand. 

The article was headlined “Crocs to close all its manufacturing facilities; CFO resigns.” Fans immediately accused France of having single-handedly brought down the brand. One reply reads, “Tan, did you bring down Crocs?!”

Other fans defended the brand. One of France’s followers said that Crocs were the only shoes they could wear during pregnancy. It seems the poster’s feet expanded while they were expecting, which is a common issue. When that happens, it’s nice to have a pair of wide rubber shoes without a back. 

Some defenses of the brand were a little more lighthearted. One fan responded: “Tan don’t hate on crocs. If ur not crocin ur not rockin 😎”

Tan France has earned the right to have an opinion on Crocs

France has worked hard to come up in the fashion world. He’s most well known to the public as a Queer Eye star on Netflix’s version of the show, but he has other qualifications.

Considering he’s a fashion expert, his advice seems more credible than other celebrities or internet denizens. Yes, many people hate Crocs, but when it comes from France it had more merit. 

He was already successful in the fashion industry before he was recruited to Queer EyeHe had his own business, and he was actually ready to sell it and retire. He didn’t want to be famous, but since making a name for himself in entertainment, he’s been in two other shows.

Aside from Queer Eye, he also stars in the YouTube sensation Dressing Funny, and Next In Fashiona Netflix show similar to Project Runway. 

So when France says don’t wear Crocs, there’s weight to those words. He’s been in fashion for a long time, and he knows what he’s talking about.