Questions Still Surround LeBron James’ Relationship With Alleged Half-Brother

NBA fans who have been around for LeBron James’ entire NBA journey will note the evolution of his image as a family man. Born to a single mother and raised without a father figure in his life, James has used this to help forge a strong relationship with his own kids.

With rumors that James might have a half-brother in the mix, however, some are wondering if James will extend an olive branch to a potential sibling. 

Just a kid from Akron

LeBron James playing basketball
LeBron James | Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

James’ mother, Gloria, was only 15 when she gave birth to her superstar son. Since before he was in the NBA, there have been several rumors regarding his father, but most believe that it is a man named Anthony McClelland.

While James has never acknowledged his father by name, he has said that he didn’t want anything to do with him or his mother, so the two went on as though he didn’t exist. 

James grew up in poverty, and if McClelland was, in fact, his father, he didn’t give the family any financial support during their rough upbringing. He was in and out of prison for most of James’ childhood. To add insult to injury, James has never met his father and has spoken at great length about how bitter this made him growing up. As he’s gotten older, however, he has channeled this to something positive — being the best father that he can be, himself. 

“As I got older and as I became more of an adult, I started to realize and think to myself well, ‘Damn, what was he going through?’ … Was it things that he couldn’t control?” James explained to Yahoo. “He’s the reason I am the father I am today. Because I always wanted to set an example and have the father figure in their lives so they never had that resentment.”

Who is LeBron’s supposed brother?

If McClelland is James’ father, it would also mean that James has a half-brother. Aaron McClelland Gamble. Like James, Gamble was born in 1987 in Akron, Ohio. Completely removed from his half-brother, it is likely that McClelland would not have known about James before he was famous, but when James took over the nation as a high schooler, everything would have changed. 

According to Heavy, Gamble has a similar story to James. His father impregnated his mother and then ran away thanks to an aversion to parenting and no interest in having to take on that responsibility.  Gamble has a sister, presumably by a different father.

As he has watched James grow into the international superstar, he has reportedly tried to reach out and forge a relationship. James reportedly did not respond. 

Now, James can be seen on social media working out and committing to his fitness, but he is doing so without a half-brother beside him. Gamble’s mother reportedly died of cancer and did not have enough money to pay for treatment. This type of speculation, if true, could put James’ reputation as a family man at risk, but it is likely more complicated than this. 

Should LeBron James be a part of this man’s life?

Growing up without a father is a complicated situation. Gamble has some passing resemblance to James, but without confirmation that they are half-brothers, it is hard to expect James to be there for somebody who is, by all means, a stranger to him.

If it is ever confirmed that the two are brothers, there might be pressure on James to forge a relationship, but until that happens, it’s impossible to know. 

James has already seen multiple people claim paternity over him once he got famous, and the idea that somebody would try to capitalize on somebody worth the millions that James is not far fetched. Gamble’s story has never made international headlines but festered in the background as praise is laid upon James. 

Regardless, both men grew up in fatherless homes and have used it to become better men, themselves. Gamble has a daughter of his own, and like James, appears hell-bent on making sure he doesn’t make the same mistakes his father did.

Hopefully, if the two are brothers, the two can forge a relationship, but if they are not, the only hope is that they both can be at peace. 

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