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Last week on A Million Little Things, the drama revolved around the youngsters. This week’s episode, titled ‘The Lunch’ is more centered around the adults. Most of the excitement takes place in one location, Regina and Delilah’s restaurant, which once again becomes an emotional pressure cooker for the group. ‘The Lunch’ dishes out some surprises, including a voice cameo by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and leaves viewers with a few questions.

A Million Little Things
A Million Little Things | Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images

Will Rome’s film project have a fairytale ending?  

Rome scores a lunch meeting with the movie star, Isaac Martin, who loves chatting on speakerphone with his buddy, Jimmy Kimmel. Since Isaac is mulling over making his movie, Rome cancels a father-son lunch date with the elder Mr. Howard. Pops shows up anyway and throws some jabs at Isaac about some of the actor’s studio stinkers.

Of course, Rome loses it and dismisses Dear Old Dad. Once he cools down, Rome realizes that his father’s prickly exterior is covering up the pain he is feeling due to his wife’s death. So, he bails on Isaac to go comfort his dad. It turns out that Isaac is a fan of folks who prioritize what is important, so he agrees to make Rome’s movie.

Rome is riding high, but will it last? Having a Hollywood actor attached to his project could come with strings attached. Once studio executives, marketing pros, and focus groups get into the mix, things could change quickly. Time will tell if Rome will remain the driving force behind the story, or get sidelined by more senior moviemakers.

Will Regina and Rome’s adoption fall apart?

An unexpected visitor arrives and shakes things up. Rome and Regina’s birth mother, Eve, had been successfully evading Derek, her abusive ex-boyfriend (and baby’s daddy) for months. In ‘The Lunch,’ Derek shows up and– uh-oh! — discovers that Eve is pregnant.

Regina’s first instinct is to call the cops and wave the restraining order in Derek’s face. But Eve hatches a different plan. She aims to persuade Derek to sign over his parental rights to Rome and Regina, but it won’t be easy. Eve suspects that Derek will ultimately attempt to sell her the idea of making a happy family together. It remains to be seen if she will buy it.

Considering Derek’s history, he could violently react if Eve asks him to sign the adoption consent form. Eve’s life and the life of the unborn child could be in danger.  When it comes to adopting Eve and Derek’s baby, things don’t look good for Rome and Regina.

Will Maggie and Gary reconcile?

It has been four months since the big break-up, and it seems that Maggie and Gary are playing a game of relationship chicken. Neither party will take a step to recouple even though all signs point to a love connection and the possibility that they can recapture what they had. Instead, they are learning to navigate the friend zone.

Maggie is preparing to meet a lunch date named Larry, which funnily enough rhymes with Gary, at Regina and Delilah’s restaurant, where Gary has already set up camp for the day. Maggie’s date stands her up, and she is mortified that it happens in front of her ex.

True to form, Gary makes a caring gesture and sends wine from “Larry” to comfort Maggie. Maggie suspects that the wine is in fact from Gary, but he credits Regina for the gift. Regina encourages Gary to tell Maggie he still loves her, but he doesn’t take the advice. Later, Maggie confesses to Regina that a part of her wishes the wine was from Gary.

It seems that this couple needs an intervention. With any luck, Regina will get involved. Since she knows her friends’ true feelings, will she help them find their way back together?

Where are Katherine, Theo, and Danny?

Katherine and Theo are noticeably absent from the episode. To the delight of Twitter fans, Theo was in full tween angst mode last week, and ‘The Lunch’ could have used some of the kiddo’s zingers.

With Eddie tied up making a demo album with Dakota, Katherine and Theo are presumably off having mother-son time, possibly in the form of a food fight. Hopefully, Theo will return in the next episode along with his legal eagle mom.

Danny was also M.I.A. after being in the spotlight last week. Since Delilah was busy addressing Sophie’s use of marijuana and birth control pills, Danny was probably smart to stay out of the line of fire. Fans can only hope to have the whole gang back together in the next installment of A Million Little Things.

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