R. Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend, Azriel Clary, Says Someone Torched Her Car and Tried To Burn Down Her Home

Since her breakup with disgraced singer R. Kelly, Azriel Clary has been keeping onlookers updated with her life’s progress and she’s unashamed to tell what she says went down during their five-year relationship. Clary has remained unintimidated by Kelly and the threats she says he’s imposed on her and her family. Unfortunately, her car was torched and she alleges the culprit also tried to burn down her home.

Azriel Clary
Azriel Clary via Twitter

Azriel Clary split with R. Kelly and her been telling her story of the alleged abuse she suffered

Clary began a romantic relationship with Kelly when she was 17 and according to her, the singer forbid her from contact with her loved ones. Her parents fought for their daughter’s safe return and pleaded with her to break free of Kelly’s alleged abuse. Clary says that it was not until Kelly was jailed in December 2019 that she slowly began initiating contact with her family – and watched the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly – that she decided to end their relationship.

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Since then, she left Chicago and the Trump Tower apartment she once shared with Kelly and his other live-in girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage. She now splits her time between LA and her hometown of Florida as she works to rebuild her life.

A talented singer, she previously told Gayle King during an interview that singing was not a dream of her’s and it was forced onto her by her parents. She’s since changed her tune and has posted videos of her belting out music, as well as showed behind the scenes shots of her in recording studios.

Azriel Clary says someone torched her car and attempted to burn down her home

Clary has been sharing her story with her social media followers and YouTube subscribers in the aftermath of her and Kelly’s breakup. Kelly’s attorney has vehemently denied all of Clary’s allegations, claiming that Clary is seeking attention and money.

Clary has accused Kelly of beating her from head to toe and forcing her to engage in group sex against her will. She’s also said that he has underage victims in almost every city across the U.S.

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One of the speculations regarding why Kelly’s alleged victims don’t come forward is that they fear retaliation. The Lifetime docuseries featured accounts from several alleged victims who claim that Kelly has handlers who harass and threaten them. Clary has also corroborated those stories and claims that she’s been a victim of threats from his fans and his circle. 

She shared in a recent Instagram post that her car was burned down and that the culprit also attempted to burn down her home.

“Someone not only set my car on fire at 3am but they also made a gas line around my entire house, with intentions to burn my entire home down,” she captioned a photo of her bending near her torched car in part. “It was something that was premeditated, but the fact that someone would go to that extreme to harm me is sickening.” Clary also shared video of the fire, which was re-posted by Hip Hollywood.

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It’s unclear if Clary suspects Kelly or anyone related to the singer to be responsible for the fires, but she’s happy to be safe.