Rachael Ray’s Burger Hack Makes Sure Your Patty Is Perfectly Seasoned

When it comes to cooking, there is not much celebrity chef Rachael Ray cannot do. The television personality, successful business entrepreneur, and cookbook author is featured on her self-titled syndicated lifestyle television program.

When the entertainment industry shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the spunky chef produced special episodes of her cooking show 30 Minute Meals from her home in New York. She proved cooking can be fun despite what’s going on in the rest of the outside world.

With a knack for making cooking simple, viewers have been tuning in for the past 20 years to learn how to turn ordinary meals into delectable dishes. 

Ray can even transform a regular lump of ground beef into an out-of-this-world burger. Her simple burger hack promises to turn backyard cooks into grill masters, ensuring a perfect patty every time.

Rachael Ray is an inspiration in the kitchen

Rachael Ray smiling
Rachael Ray | Charles Sykes/Getty Images

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The 52-year-old chef got her start on The Oprah Winfrey Show. America fell in love with the personable chef, and Harpo Studios started producing a television cooking show for the culinary genius.

Ray has amassed a cult-like following and even had the word EVOO, meaning extra virgin olive oil, added to the dictionary. Her use of a garbage bowl is iconic and contributes to the enormous sales she has amassed in her line of kitchen products.

The feisty Italian chef credits her family for teaching her how to cook. In a Food Network interview, Ray explained she grew up watching her mother and grandmother cook incredible meals. At a very early age, she was following in their footsteps.

In addition to Ray’s successful television programs, she is the editor-in-chief of a lifestyle magazine launched in 2005. The Food Network says Every Day with Rachael Ray “offers smart and easy recipes for an array of delicious foods, as well as practical advice on food destinations and entertaining.” They explained, Ray utilizes the magazine to “take readers around the country to meet people who love food – from top celebrities and authentic artisans to great home cooks.”

The Emmy award-winning chef says, “My life has been a total accident – a very happy, wonderful accident that I didn’t and couldn’t have planned.”

A few of Ray’s favorite recipes

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Rachael Ray In Season claims the chef’s steak, veggie, cheese, and egg “sammy” is among her favorite 30 Minute Meal recipes. She also enjoys her brown butter and cream orecchiette dish that combines kale and cremini mushrooms in a scrumptious brown butter sauce.

When Gayle King of the CBS This Morning asked Ray, “What will your first meal in heaven be?” the dynamo answered, “It would be anchovy spaghetti with my grandpa, and butternut squash with my first dog, Boo.”

There is one food that Ray admits to hating, saying she won’t touch it because it “smells weird and costs more.” At her “Like a Boss” panel in 2019, she said, “Oh my god, the chopped lettuce in a sack sucks! Stop it!.”

How to make burgers taste better

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People recently asked celebrity chefs to share their best cooking tips. Ray decided to reveal her burger hack. She explained that it is all about the flavor, saying, “You can’t taste your burgers before they’re cooked, but you can test the seasoning.”

The accomplished cooking guru suggests mixing all the ingredients and making a small patty around the size of a quarter. Place the sample-sized beef into a hot skillet and let it cook for about 30 seconds.

Ray explains this is a great way to “make sure the burgers have the right balance of ingredients before cooking them all.”