Rachel Recchia and Teddi Wright Planned to be Roommates After ‘The Bachelor’

On the most recent season of The Bachelor with Clayton Echard, two fan-favorites, Rachel Recchia and Teddi Wright became very good friends. They got along so well that they decided once the season was done and over, they were going to move in together and become roommates. Wright provided the support Recchia needed as she found herself leaning on family and friends through the show’s process.

Rachel Recchia sitting on a gray couch
Rachel Recchia | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

The finale that changed their plans

It appears Recchia and Wright met for the first time on The Bachelor. Their social media interactions seem to back this up. As excited as the two had been about possibly being roommates, their plans changed after the finale and “After The Final Rose” episode. There it was announced that runners-up Recchia and Gabby Windey would be co-Bachelorettes for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette

With Recchia taking the journey on The Bachelorette to find the man she loves, it’s not likely she’ll need a place to stay for a while if at all depending on the outcome according to Monsters & Critics.

Sharing their friendship with the world

On Instagram, Wright posted about the situation along with some pictures of herself with Recchia to show how much fun they have together in their friendship. The post was captioned “When we were JUST about to become roomies but instead she’s gonna go find the love of her life!! #thebachelorette (diamond ring emoji).”

Wright continued saying that she was so proud of Recchia. She explained that watching her handle the journey on the show behind the scenes over the last few months left her proud to be Recchia’s best friend. She ended by saying “Now go find your husband!! Cheering you on forever. (red heart emoji).”

Recchia was the first person to respond to Wright’s moving social media post. She posted two separate comments. The first reply said, “not me crying at 9 am.” The second comment said, “I love you more than words can express and I’m so happy you’re stuck with me for life.”

Navigating the end of The Bachelor’s journey


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As is usually the case, there was plenty of drama in the finale of The Bachelor. Echard’s final four ladies were Susie Evans, Serene Russell, Recchia, and Wright.

Echard broke things off with both Windey and Recchia at the same time. In the hot seat with Echard at the “After The Final Rose” episode, Recchia got serious in confronting Echard about the truth of their relationship.

Recchia told Echard that the didn’t believe he really ever loved her. She went on to ask him if he just told her that so he could sleep with her. Echard denied the allegations but Recchia was quick to point out that she didn’t believe him.

In the end, Echard ended up with Evans at the end of The Bachelor. It was after she reached out to him in his DMs. Recchia and Windey were named the first co-Bachelorettes for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette which will premiere this summer in July.

Rumors have recently surfaced that fans might see Wright in Paradise this summer. It’s entirely possible that, by summer’s end, both Wright and Recchia could find true love. Eager fans of those shows and of this friendship created in The Bachelor will be excited to see good things happen for two of their favorite contestants.