‘Ragdoll’: Episode 1 Recap – a Heinous Killer With Ties to the Lead Character

AMC+‘s new crime series is sure to keep viewers interested with its gruesome crime story that interweaves a complicated web with the main characters. Ragdoll centers around DS Nathan Rose, played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes and his team DC Lake Edmonds, played by Lucy Hale, and Thalissa Teixeira as DI Emily Baxter. Ragdoll Episode 1 already shows incredible promise for the rest of the series.

The characters investigate a new murder where the ligaments of six victims are sewn together as a new body. The horrid murder has a much bigger tie to Rose than viewers ever realized. As the team looks for the killer, Rose has a darker and deeper story to tell. The series promises to have the same binge-worthy hook as Killing Eve.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Ragdoll.]

Main characters of AMC's 'Ragdoll' Episode 1 looking at envelope huddled over table.
Main characters of AMC’s ‘Ragdoll’ Episode 1 | via AMC

‘Ragdoll’ Episode 1 begins with an inside look into Nathan Rose’s breakdown

Viewers are first induced to the series’s leading character Rose in a flashback of the case that derailed his life. Wearing a protective vest, Rose watches as another victim of the Cremation Killer is set ablaze. But at trial, Rose botched the case and used inconclusive evidence to convict the killer. Because of this, the courts set him free. Unable to cope and in sheer anger, Rose attacks the Cremation Killer and beats him to a pulp.

Two years later, Rose is called to a crime scene across the street from his apartment. Viewers meet DI Baxter, and she and Rose engage in natural banter. DC Edmonds follows them inside at the crime scene, and the scene drastically changes into a cold and chilling atmosphere. Using flashlights, the characters only show small portions of the dead body.

Edmonds explains the case. Six victims were murdered, dismembered, and then reassembled as a new body. Rose soon realizes the head belongs to the Cremation Killer. As Baxter and Edmunds leave the scene, Rose notices that one of the corpse’s finger points toward the window. Pushing the curtain away, the grotesque crime is revealed, suspended from the ceiling. The body was pointing to Rose’s apartment across the street.

The main characters look for answers as Nathan Rose hides a dark secret

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Baxter and Edmonds look for clues about the murders and how the Cremation killer got involved. At the prison, they learn he had specially made meals because he turned vegan. At the precinct, Rose tries to find clues to identify the body parts and notices a pomeranian tattoo on one victim. Baxter informs Rose the Cremation Killer was poisoned, and it was a quick death.

Ragdoll Episode 1 reveals a huge piece of information about Rose. He visits his therapist, and viewers are transported to his time in the psychiatric facility. Diagnosed from PTSD from the botched Cremation Killer case, he learns of someone who will kill anyone you want from another patient named Joel. The TV is reporting on the Cremation Killer case and sends Rose into a frenzy.

Back in the present, Rose and Baxter take a needed break and go to a karaoke bar to sing away their worries. The scene shifts back to the precinct as Baxter receives flowers commemorating the death of a 14-year-old boy. She then leads a press conference about the Ragdoll killer as fans meet an American reporter who covered Rose’s past case. Rose, Baxter, and Edmund soon realize how far the new killer is willing to go.

The Ragdoll killer sets his sights on specific targets in episode 1

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The main characters’ investigation takes turn when Rose receives a letter with a ragdoll body drawn on it. Inside the envelope is a list of names, including London’s mayor. To their horror, Rose’s name is last on the list. As a precaution, the police transfer the mayor to the precinct who deals with severe asthma. While looking at a victim’s tattoo, Edmunds knows the artist and informs Baxter, who sits at her desk full of flower bouquets.

They visit the tattoo parlor, and viewers learn Edmunds is homosexual and a huge fan of tattoos. With no answer, Baxter gets a hunch and visits the father of the 14-year-old boy who was murdered, and she helped solve. The father admits he never sent Baxter flowers, and Baxter comes to a harrowing conclusion.

A liquid on the bouquets she received, mixed with the mayor’s asthma pump, and smoking a cigarette caused a fatal chemical reaction, setting the mayor on fire. Having witnessed the tragedy, Rose visits the psychiatric hospital to see Joel and learns he died. In a shocking twist, viewers learn from Rose’s flashback of an organization called The Faust. Joel warns Rose the penalty for using the service is death. Not heading to Joel’s warning, Rose calls the number and asks for the Cremation Killer’s death.

Ragdoll is available to stream on AMC+.