Ranch Rules’ Ebie Wright Would Have Liked if Frances Bean Cobain Was on the Cast – ‘Someone Who Really Does Understand’

Ebie Wright felt the pain of missing her father, especially when her Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules cast members called their famous parents while on the reality show.

As the daughter of hip-hop royalty, Wright’s father was Eazy-Z (Eric Lynn Wright) from groundbreaking group N.W.A. Eazy-E died at age 30 when Wright was 4 years old. She credits her mother for providing her with a loving and supportive home but admits a huge piece was missing from her life without her father.

During an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Wright said that while she forged strong friendships and connections with other Ranch Rules cast members who also have famous parents, having someone in the house who truly understands how she feels would have been nice.

Connecting with someone like Frances Cobain would have been nice

Wright’s father’s music paved the way for an entire music genre, similar to what Kurt Cobain from Nirvana did for the grunge movement. Cobain also died young, at age 27 when his daughter Frances Bean was only a year old. Wright said having that connection to someone like Cobain, who understands what it is like to have such an iconic parent, who is no longer alive would have been comforting.

Ebie Wright on the red carpet at an event. Frances Bean Cobain on the red carpet at an event.
Ebie Wright and Frances Bean Cobain |Leon Bennett |David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

“I was hoping somebody like Frances, Kurt’s daughter would be there,” she said. “You know, somebody who does really, really understand. Because people can empathize. But if you didn’t experience it, there’s no way to fully understand it. The feeling, the emptiness, it’s just a little different. And having a famous parent who’s so iconic, it is very bittersweet because it’s like, on one hand, you’re so proud and you’re so excited and it’s cool to hear these stories and all that stuff. But then at the same time, you get very sad and it’s depressing.”

She would have loved to been able to call her father during harder times on the ranch

Wright’s father may be an icon to fans, but to her, he was dad. “It’s so unfortunate, I just wish I had more time,” Wright said. “And then, you know, for me, it’s like, he’s not Eazy-E. That was my actual father. And all the crazy moments, like even being on the ranch. It would have been great for me to be able to call my dad when I’m having issues or things are going on. But I don’t.”

“Luckily, I have a phenomenal mother,” she added. “But I’m just saying in the sense of like having that famous parent that some people bring up all the time. It does suck to not have him.”

Having a support system from both parents would have been nice for Wright. She dealt with some significant altitude sickness while on the ranch. “So with altitude sickness, you get kind of dizzy,” she recalled. “You can’t really breathe. And then that scares you. So that triggers the anxiety.” She was seen having a panic attack at one point. Wright’s altitude sickness persisted throughout her entire time on the ranch so she had to push through each day.

Ebie Wright is a Nirvana and Hole fan

Wright said she hasn’t met Cobain, but would love to get to know her. “I’ve known about her forever. I wish I did know her. I was a huge fan of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain,” she said.

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