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Rand Gauthier has become a household name again thanks to the Hulu series Pam and Tommy. The electrician became known for allegedly stealing the infamous Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape in 1995. But now, Gauthier is saying he didn’t steal the tape. Read his statement and learn more about Gauthier’s plans to let the world know what really happened. 

Seth Rogen as Rand Gauthier in the Hulu series about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape, 'Pam and Tommy'
Seth Rogen as Rand Gauthier | Erica Parise/Hulu

The original true story of ‘Pam and Tommy’

According to Amanda Chicago Lewis‘ 2014 article for Rolling Stone, Gauthier stole the sex tape five days before Halloween in 1995. “The details of what happened on the night of the burglary are sketchy at best,” she wrote. “Gauthier seems intent on painting himself as a strongman daredevil and obfuscating details that could point to potential accomplices. He acknowledges that one other person knew about his plan beforehand but insists he carried out the deed himself.” 

In the article, Gauthier recounts disabling Lee’s security cameras. He also claims he walked into Lee and Anderson’s bedroom before entering the garage, tipping the Browning safe onto a dolly, and wheeling it down their driveway.

Gauthier alleges he “leaned the whole dolly and safe against the gate.” He added: “I get in the dirt and I wedge my legs underneath it and I bench up 500 pounds with my legs. It was hard.”

As Lewis pointed out, Gauthier’s friends claim he told a different story. What’s more, Lee wrote in his memoir Tommyland whoever robbed him must have “removed the safe with a crane.” At the time, Gauthier said he completed the heist without any help. 

Rand Gauthier says he didn’t steal Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape but was ‘slightly involved’ 

In a Facebook post from Feb. 20, 2022, Gauthier talked about the offers to do shows, magazines, and podcasts to discuss the Anderson/Lee sex tape. However, Gauthier feels the “mainstream news has agendas” and doesn’t feel confident those outlets will tell his story. For now, he released a statement revealing he “didn’t steal the tape.” 


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“I was slightly involved,” Gauthier’s post continues. “After the tape was brought to Milton [Ingley] and me. The adult video world is a small group of people; it got around I was working for the [Mötley Crüe drummer]. It was then taken for granted that I took the tape and the whole thing spun out of control.” Now, he claims his involvement in the Rolling Stone article was him “trying to make back the money [he] lost from the Lees.” 

Rand Gauthier plans to ‘tell the truth about the ‘Pam and Tommy’ situation’ 

Gauthier also talked about his plans to release a video statement about “the whole truth” of the situation portrayed in Hulu’s Pam and Tommy. He plans to share the content on Truth Social, Rumble, BitChute, and possibly YouTube, though he thinks the platform is “deep state controlled.” 

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tape didn’t earn Rand Gauthier any money 

Regardless of his involvement, Gauthier “never saw a cent” of the $77 million the Anderson/Lee sex tape generated. Instead, internet guru Seth Warshavsky obtained the rights to stream the video online.

This left Gauthier as the “lowest on the totem pole.” Plus, he owed Louis “Butchie” Peraino money that was used to copy and distribute the tapes.

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