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Video parody artist Randy Rainbow‘s latest video dedicated to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic tapped into the love coming from many Americans.

Randy Rainbow
Randy Rainbow | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Cuomo’s frank but comforting press conferences are providing many Americans with a guiding light during chaotic and frightening times. Rainbow is known for creating funny politically-driven videos, often sung to Broadway tunes. Rainbow’s latest installment was an immediate hit as a number of Americans have admitted they are totally crushing on Cuomo too.

Comedian Chelsea Handler tweeted, “Andrew Cuomo is my new Bob Mueller—a crush i never thought I’d move beyond. Further proof: there are many fish in the sea.” Another Twitter user wrote, “Is anyone else developing a mad crush on Governor Cuomo?”

Randy Rainbow swoons over both Cuomo brothers

Rainbow wrote his own lyrics to the Grease tune “Sandy.” Bad boy Danny Zuko played by John Travolta professes his love for good girl Sandy Olsson [Olivia Newton John] in the song, crooning about his unrequited love. Rainbow cleverly substituted “Sandy” for “Andy” in his own version of neverending love. For both Cuomo brothers.

The video begins in black and white as Rainbow stares at a Donald Trump press briefing. Rainbow looks glum, “Stranded in my bedroom,” he sadly sings. “No one to love.” Suddenly the channel changes on the television. Cuomo appears and Rainbow instantly lights up.

“Then there he is, my favorite Gov,” Rainbow is now smiling. In a true Rainbow production, several “Randy Rainbows” appear dressed as an iconic “Pink Lady” from Grease. The black and white screen eventually turns to color as Rainbow professes his love for Andrew and Chris Cuomo. “My first love Chris, with his tight, wet t-shirts,” Rainbow ponders. “And his sweaty Instagram videos.” Rainbow loves Andrew Cuomo but jokes, “Actually I’m still into Chris too.”

Fans are here for this video

A number of fans and celebrities are cheering for Rainbow’s latest video. Actor Mark Hamill tweeted, “He shoots… He SCORES! If he keeps this up, my Twitter account will consist of nothing but retweets of @RandyRainbow videos.”

Comedian Sarah Silverman is a fan too. “I really hope @NYGovCuomo sees this awesome @RandyRainbow video from one great New Yorker to another (@chelseahandler you got competish).” Actor and director Ken Olin shared, “When this is over I want to have a ‘we’re broken but it’s also funny’ dinner party with @RandyRainbow. Who wants to come?”

Rainbow also has a term for the love taking over the country. “From now on I identify as #Cuomosexual…,” he tweeted along with the video. Actress and activist, Alyssa Milano wrote, “Love this so much.” Perez Hilton is on board. “I’m a #Cuomosexual too!!!”

Public relations professional Brooke Hammerling summed up how many people are feeling. “Guys. Look. I don’t know what to say other than no tweet I’ve ever tweeted before is more important than this one. You must watch it because I feel @RandyRainbow really captures everything about our new boyfriend/leader/hero @NYGovCuomo so perfectly it HURTS. #cuomosexual.”