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The Prince of Egypt was released in 1998. Hans Zimmer wrote the score for the animated film, and Stephen Schwartz composed songs for The Prince of Egypt. Thanks to the film’s music, The Prince of Egypt has stood the test of time. Showbiz Cheat Sheet is ranking the songs featured in the movie.

While the official soundtrack for The Prince of Egypt includes the score by Zimmer and songs by artists not in the film, we will only be ranking songs that are included in the theatrical release of the film.

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston perform 'When You Believe' from 'The Prince of Egypt' at the 71st Academy Awards
(L-R) Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston | TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

6. ‘All I Ever Wanted (with Queen’s Reprise)’

In The Prince of Egypt, Val Kilmer voices Moses, but “All I Ever Wanted” is performed by Amick Byram, as he provided the singing voice for the character.

The song begins after Moses encounters his sister Miriam (Sandra Bullock) and brother Aaron (Jeff Goldblum), causing him to remember their mother and face the truth that he is their brother. Frightened and in denial, he runs back to his home and tries to convince himself that he belongs with his royal adoptive family with “All I Ever Wanted.”

When the song ends, Moses has a nightmare where he remembers his mother (Ofra Haza), Miriam, and Aaron saving his life from Pharaoh Seti’s (Patrick Stewart) genocide of Hebrew infants.

While it is sandwiched between two incredibly emotional moments, “All I Ever Wanted” as a song does not match those emotional notes.

5. ‘When You Believe’

It might seem shocking to include this song lower in the rankings, especially since it won an Academy Award for Best Song at the 71st Academy Awards.

There are two versions of “When You Believe.” One is the original film version that features Michelle Pfeiffer, who voiced Tzipporah in the film, and Sally Dworsky, who provided the singing voice for Miriam. The second version features Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston on the movie’s soundtrack.

Despite its popularity when it was first released and its push as a single, over time the song seems to pale in comparison to other songs included in the movie.

4. ‘The Plagues’

“The Plagues” is an intense song that follows the breakdown of Moses and Rameses (Ralph Fiennes) as brothers. Emotionally, it expresses the betrayal and desperation from both sides. Like with “All I Ever Wanted,” Byram provides the singing voice for Moses while Fiennes sings as Rameses.

Combined with the animation of the Ten Plagues of Egypt, “The Plagues” captures the interpersonal conflict between Rameses and Moses and the fear brought on by the plagues’ destruction.

3. ‘Through Heaven’s Eyes’

Performed by Brian Stokes Mitchell as Jethro’s singing voice, “Through Heaven’s Eyes” is a warm hug in a soundtrack filled with angst and peril.

Narratively, we see Moses become a shepherd while he falls in love with and marries Tzipporah. “Through Heaven’s Eyes” is not only a great performance by Mitchell, but it also showcases Moses’ transformation as a character, pushing us to the film’s second act.


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2. ‘Playing With the Big Boys’

Performed by Steve Martin and Martin Short as Hotep and Huy, “Playing With the Big Boys” is a sinister villain song performed by two well-known comedians.

The Prince of Egypt is a DreamWorks Animation production. In the best way possible, “Playing With the Big Boys” feels like a classic Disney villain song, helping carry The Prince of Egypt into the mainstream.

1. ‘Deliver Us’

No notes. Beautiful. Glorious. On repeat 24/7.

In all seriousness, “Deliver Us” is a powerful opening number that is some of Zimmer’s best work. With Ofra Haza’s vocals, the track is unforgettable.

Put simply, “Deliver Us” is The Prince of Egypt.