Rapper 21 Savage Ironically Is Helping Teens With Their Bank Accounts

Grammy Award-winning musical artist 21 Savage is one of the most popular rappers in the world. Known for such songs as “No Heart,” “X,” and “Bank Account,” the 27-year-old artist has become a hip-hop celebrity in recent years.

The success in 21 Savage’s music career has helped him gain an impressive net worth, providing proof that he truly does have many Ms (millions) in his bank account. The rapper has decided to use his platform and experience with finances to educate the youth of America with a free online literacy program that is remotely accessible for teens that are currently sheltering from the COVID-19 virus. 

Who is rapper 21 Savage? 

21 Savage performs onstage
21 Savage | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Born Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, 21 Savage rose to prominence with the release of various mixtapes, before exploding into mainstream success with the release of his collaborative project with producer Metro Boomin titled Savage Mode. 

The two also collaborated on the 2017 project Without Warning with Migos member Offset. These releases, along with the rapper’s popular solo albums Issa Album and I Am > I Was, have made 21 Savage one of the most recognizable names in hip-hop. He is also the cousin of fellow Atlanta-based rapper Young Nudy.

Besides his music, 21 Savage is known for his romantic relationship with supermodel Amber Rose. The two dated from July 2017 to March 2018, which included the hardened rapper attending Rose’s Slut Walk. 

21 Savage’s surprising place of birth

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21 Savage is mostly thought of as a member of the highly influential Atlanta family of hip-hop artists, based on his connection to legendary Atlanta rappers such as Gucci Mane and Future.

These connections and his frequent lyrics about growing up in the capital city of Georgia led most fans to believe that the rapper was born and raised in Atlanta. That is why it was so surprising for many to learn that while 21 Savage was raised in the city, he was not born there.

In February 2019, 21 Savage and his cousin Young Nudy were arrested in connection to an aggravated assault charge, and 21 Savage was taken into custody by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He was held by the agency for living in America under an expired visa.

In the process, the internet and world was shocked to learn that 21 Savage was actually British, and immigrated to America when he was a child.

This led to a call to free the artist from ICE detention, as well as a good number of memes. 21 Savage was eventually released, and since then he has continued the upward trajectory of his young and promising career. 

21 Savage’s financial literacy program

One of 21 Savage’s biggest hits is the single “A Lot,” in which the wealthy rapper brags about his many riches and many millions in his bank account.

The song features fellow hip-hop heavyweight J. Cole, and gained the two rappers their first Grammy Awards for Best Rap Song in 2019.

Now, 21 Savage is putting a new meaning to his words, and is starting a free financial literacy program for teenagers. The program is called Bank Account At Home, and it is a free online program that teenagers can access across the nation.

According to an ABC NY 7 report, the program will be a partnership between the rapper and the platforms Chime and EverFi. The program will also work with Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms to provide WiFi and tablets for underserved students in the city.

This initiative is important to the rapper who commented that “I feel like it’s important more than ever to give our next generation the tools to succeed in life.”

The British-born rapper is clearly a positive force in his new home country, and his future in music and philanthropy looks extremely bright.