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Rappers as movie actors aren’t always a rare combination nowadays when going by names like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, or 50 Cent. Even that’s not a complete list, but Post Malone may have to be added to the list soon.

Even if it’s safe to say Post Malone isn’t entirely a rapper (since he does sing), he’s starting to dip into the acting pool for the first time. From the outset, it shouldn’t be a surprise since he already has a winning personality and expressive face.

Apparently this is what made Mark Wahlberg think Post Malone would be an excellent actor. Wahlberg recently produced and stars in Spenser Confidential, a crime-drama made exclusively for Netflix. It’s Wahlberg who rallied to hire Post Malone.

There wasn’t complete confidence in hiring Post Malone immediately

Post Malone performs onstage
Post Malone | Simone Joyner/Getty Images

Wahlberg and Post Malone (or “Posty” as former calls him) were already friends since they both have rapping backgrounds. With Wahlberg going to bat for Post Malone to win a part in Spenser Confidential, it was the apparent start of an even more meaningful friendship.

At the premiere of the movie recently in West Hollywood, Post Malone ordered hundreds of Wahlburgers for his acting friend. And because Post Malone couldn’t be there in person due to a scheduling conflict, he sent a video message of thanks to Wahlberg.

It’s kind of interesting Wahlberg was able to pick up on Post Malone’s innate acting talent, something other actors can sense without even having to hold an audition. Not that Post Malone didn’t have a perfect audition.

Director Peter Berg wasn’t very convinced the rapper would be suitable after latter put on an affected voice during a tryout.

Post Malone still does well in the film despite negative reviews

No, the reviews for Spenser Confidential aren’t too kind. Most critics call it a pale comparison to Boston crime dramas like The Town. Nevertheless, Post Malone does get some good notices from other critics for turning in a solid and believable performance, albeit very brief.

He plays Squeebe, an inmate who also happens to be an enemy of Spenser, played by Wahlberg. They both have a notable prison fight scene as perhaps the most memorable moment of the whole movie.

No doubt it’s made other casting directors perk up and realize Post Malone is no fluke as an actor. Outside of having no prior experience acting in movies, he managed to tap into a natural talent there, not including having a compelling presence anyway.

Perhaps he can’t play anybody but baddies due to his face tattoos. At least it could kick off more movie roles and turn him into the next rap star who happens to find kinship in the numerous hard dramas being made today. 

With more heavy dramas being made, rappers have a chance to excel

It’s never any secret most hardcore rappers have lived tough lives on the streets and seen things most people wouldn’t want to. Post Malone is a little different since he grew up in a stable family and dabbled in other music genres first before going into Hip-Hop.

Not that he probably hasn’t seen a lot of things he can tap into for his acting, including fans being concerned about his recent drinking and possible drug use. Plus, his focus on bringing a melting pot of different music styles helped him likely assimilate numerous artistic elements to enhance any acting ability.

As more crime dramas keep being produced, rappers are probably going to find a lot projects they can relate to and act in. If there’s a general consensus Will Smith and Queen Latifah are some of the best-known rappers who became acting superstars, Post Malone may soon be added to the list if he takes on more projects.

Should he be able to do a romantic part or something non-crime related without his tattoos being a distraction, then he’ll prove his acting worth for a long career.