‘Reacher’: Alan Ritchson Admits the Margrave Diner Peach Pie Was ‘Legit Terrible’

In Prime Video’s new hit show, Reacher, Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher visits a southern town where he repeatedly misses out on the local diner’s infamous peach pie. When the hero does get his hands on a slice in the finale, he isn’t impressed. And as revealed by Ritchson, that peach pie wasn’t great in real life either. 

Jack Reacher tries to get a slice of peach pie all season 

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher sitting in a diner booth across from another man in 'Reacher'
Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in ‘Reacher’ | Courtesy of Prime Video

Reacher Season 1 tells the story of Jack Reacher, a former military man,, and self-proclaimed hobo who winds up in a Georgia town called Margrave. Early on, he reveals that he’s visiting the area to pay homage to late blues singer and musician Blind Blake. 

Reacher finds himself at a local diner, where he learns about their famous peach pie. But just as he’s about to dive into a slice, Reacher gets arrested for murder. 

The hero visits the diner again, but each time, he ends up missing out on the pie. In the finale, which is aptly titled “Pie,” he does get to dig into what’s referred to as the “best in Georgia.” 

But after just the first bite, he isn’t impressed. “I’ve had better,” Reacher confesses. 

Reacher star Alan Ritchson Says the peach pie was actually pretty bad

After all that build-up, Reacher didn’t enjoy that slice of peach pie. And according to Ritchson, he didn’t either. 

In a Reddit AMA, fans asked the actor about the pie, which some admitted didn’t look too appetizing on screen. And he revealed that it was actually pretty bad in real life as well. 

“Not that piece a crap on the show,” Ritchson admitted when a fan asked the Reacher star about his favorite peach pie. “It was legit terrible and I waited all season to have a bite.”

Alan Ritchson won’t have to eat that peach pie in ‘Reacher’ Season 2

Amazon Studios is bringing Reacher back for Season 2. And luckily for Ritchson, there won’t be any peach pie to lament over next time around. 

Season 1 is based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novel, Killing Floor. And as Ritchson revealed, the next installment will follow a different novel and tell a new Reacher story. 

“We’re gonna be doing a book a season,” he told Collider. “I think that’s such a great way to do this. I can see why it’d be exciting as a film, but the slow burn is what I love so much about the books.” 

“The way that [Jack Reacher] goes down the checklist and picks apart these cases, you need time,” Ritchson added. “It’s okay to enjoy that. I think spending a season on each book is gonna be really enjoyable for audiences.” 

Plot details for the upcoming season have yet to be confirmed. But in his AMA, Ritchson told Reddit fans that he hopes the show covers Child’s second Jack Reacher book, Die Trying, next. 

Die Trying is one of my faves,” the actor wrote. “It had so many elements of who Reacher is and the potential for where his adventures could take him.” 

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