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Life in Paris is a dream come true for Real Girlfriends in Paris star Victoria Zito. Bravo’s new reality TV series follows Zito and her five American expat friends as they explore new romances and build their careers in the City of Lights. Victoria Zito has worked hard to get where she is today in the fashion world, but what exactly does she do for work? Learn more about the RGIP star and her career below.

Real Girlfriends in Paris star Victoria Zito
‘Real Girlfriends in Paris’ star Victoria Zito | Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

‘Real Girlfriends in Paris’ star Victoria Zito is starting a new romantic life in Paris

Zito was born and raised in a small town in Texas. She had always dreamed of working in fashion, but her mother wanted her to stay close to home. Then, she landed a scholarship at the art and design school Parsons Paris and moved to France in 2017.

Real Girlfriends in Paris documents Zito’s new adventures as she explores dating in Paris. She was previously married, but she got divorced after her move to Paris. Zito also came out as bisexual, so she now finds herself in new territory with dating.

“I think that [divorce] happening in Paris made me develop a sense of f*** it,” she told E! News. “This is my life and this whole new chapter of my life, especially since we divorced, is about living my most authentic self and I feel like I couldn’t do that without just being open and honest.”

In addition to showing Zito’s romantic adventures, Real Girlfriends in Paris showcases Zito’s life at her job, which can sometimes be stressful for her. Here’s a closer look at what Victoria Zito does for work.

Victoria Zito works as head designer at fashion brand Chloe Colette

Zito has revealed on the show that she is the head designer for nascent clothing brand Chloe Colette in Paris. According to the brand’s website, Chloe Colette was founded by Jenny Rizzuto, who “discovered that the fashion industry lacked beautiful pieces of clothing that were flattering and elegant while still comfortable.” Today, Chloe Colette sells “elevated basics” for all occasions, from staying in to a night out in the City of Lights.

Zito has shared a bit more about her career on LinkedIn. Before Chloe Colette, she worked in production at JJ Production and Indigital. The RGIP star has also worked in social media management, but her true passion seems to be fashion design.

“What draws me the most to the world of fashion and art is collaboration — in every form,” her bio reads. “The way a designer gets to collaborate and communicate to the wearer without saying a word, or in a more direct collaborative setting, I believe there is nothing more beautiful than getting to dive into someone else’s universe, learning about them, while having the opportunity to give a piece of yourself.”

The fashion designer faces challenges at work in a new episode of ‘Real Girlfriends in Paris’


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Real Girlfriends in Paris fans will see more of Zito at Chloe Colette in the new episode on Sept. 19. A sneak peek at the episode shows Zito under stress as she has to design several pieces under a tight deadline.

“Literally, by Friday night, I need to have the entire collection drawn,” she says.

Unfortunately, her co-worker isn’t doing his job, which puts Zito under more stress. He hasn’t been working on casting for their upcoming event, which led Zito’s general manager to confront him.

“It is Yoanne’s job to do all casting for Chloe Colette events, and if he’s not answering emails or picking up calls, that’s a big problem. We can’t drop the ball on this,” Zito says in a confessional. “I am at my boiling point with Yoanne. He is late, he is slacking off, and on top of that, he is going behind my back and hustling my friends, which is really not OK.”

New episodes of Real Girlfriends in Paris air on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.