The Real Reason Beyoncé and Alicia Keys Never Released the Video From Their Duet ‘Put It in a Love Song’

Beyoncé and Alicia Keys are two of the most influential artists in the music industry. Throughout their careers, the singers have expressed their fondness for each other. However, they didn’t work together until 2009 with their duet, “Put It In A Love Song.” 

Although the pair’s collaboration made it to Keys’ album, The Element of Freedom, the Grammy winners never released a video for the track. In 2016, the “Fallin” performer shared what happened to the project. 

Alicia Keys and Beyonce in concert in 2010.
Alicia Keys and Beyonce| Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage

Beyoncé and Alicia Keys filmed the ‘Put It in a Love Song’ video in Brazil

Before their collaboration, Keys already had a strong relationship with Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z. The “My Boo” artist collaborated with the rapper on their massive hit, “Empire State of Mind.” Additionally, Queen Bey and Jay-Z are close friends with Keys’ husband, Swizz Beatz. 

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While working on her fourth studio album, Keys asked Beyoncé for a feature on “Put It In A Love Song.” The track has an upbeat tempo and includes powerful vocals from both R&B stars. Shortly after the song came out, Beyoncé and Keys performed the song during the “If I Ain’t Got You” artist’s tour. They also went to Brazil to film its video. Soon, photos from their shoot were on YouTube and other media outlets. Still, the artists opted not to share the project with their fans. 

Why Alicia Keys decided to ‘hold’ her video with Beyoncé

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Years later, after multiple requests from YouTube commenters, Keys shared the real reason why she never released the “Put It In A Love Song” video. Although The Voice alum said she and Beyoncé “had a ball” shooting the project, the final cut didn’t sit well with the mother of two.

“We had a ball in the studio, we had a ball doing the video, which was crazy in Brazil, it was outrageous…You saw pictures,” Keys explained on Rap Radar podcast in 2016.

“But you know it just didn’t quite… the video didn’t quite capture the energy that I think that we really intended it to, and we just felt like it was better to just hold it,” she continued. “So we did that.” 

Alicia Keys said she and Beyoncé would release their video ‘one day’  

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Although she didn’t like the way the video looked in 2016, Keys said she’s open to releasing it on Jay-Z’s Tidal “one day.” Four years later, the “Underdog” singer gave music listeners an update about the project with Genius. During the interview, she confirmed that she needs Beyoncé’s permission to release the video. 

“Honestly, now I think I need to locate it,” Keys said of the project. “I feel like enough time has passed that I could call Bey, and we would both be on the phone and just be like, ‘Just let’s, just f-ck it. Let’s just drop it.’ 

And I feel like we would both be cool with it,” she continued. “So, what I first need to do is locate the archive and then make the call.”