The Real Reason Prince Harry’s Royal Future Was Doomed From the Moment He Was Born

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now adjusting to their new lives as private citizens. Though Meghan was a private citizen before marrying Harry, Harry has always been in the spotlight. But the couple’s royal exit doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise.

Though many are blaming Meghan for the royal departure, Harry’s future in the royal family might have been doomed from the moment he was born — here’s why.

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry | Toby Melville/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry never enjoyed his life in the spotlight

Even from a young age, Harry had difficulty grasping the royal life into which he had been born. When his mother, Princess Diana, died in a tragic car accident in 1997, Harry hated that he was forced to walk past thousands of people who had lined up for her funeral. In 2017, he revealed to Newsweek that he had spiraled after his mother’s death, which led him to make some bad decisions in his young adult years.

Harry partied, smoke, and drank often while growing up as a way of coping with both his mother’s passing and the royal spotlight. It was never something he truly adjusted to.

Prince Charles never wanted Harry to be born

When Diana had learned she was pregnant, her then-husband, Prince Charles, wanted a girl. Diana learned early in the pregnancy that she was having a boy, but she supposedly never told Charles because she was worried about his reaction. And when Harry was born, Charles was reportedly angry that his son was not only a boy but also had red hair. According to reports, Charles complained to Diana’s mother at Harry’s Christening that his son was a red head. It seemed Harry was an outcast in his father’s eyes.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry
Prince Charles was reportedly angry that Prince Harry was a boy | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

His father’s dismay might have set the stage for Harry’s entire royal future

Though Harry was certainly too young to know how his father felt about him, he was, from a royal perspective, the less important of the two sons. Charles and his two sons get along, but Charles’ dismay over Harry’s gender and hair color could have unknowingly set the stage for Harry’s future as a royal. It seems that Harry never took to royal life the way William did, and Charles holding some resentment over Harry not being a girl might have subconsciously affected Harry’s time in the royal family.

Meghan was likely the exact person Harry was looking for

When Harry met Meghan, he might have already known that he didn’t want to be a member of the royal family forever. And Meghan, an American with no ties to royalty, might have been exactly who he was looking for.

People blame the couple’s exit entirely on Meghan, but Harry probably wanted to get out of the family as soon as the two wed — and he’s the one who took responsibility for their departure. Harry’s royal future was murky from the start, since his father never truly wanted him. He probably knows he’ll live a much better quality of life as far away from the family as possible.