‘The Real World Atlanta’: Meet the Seven New Roommates

The Real World is back after 32 successful seasons with seven strangers from diverse backgrounds living in the same house for three months. However, the new season will air on Facebook Watch as opposed to the MTV Network on television. Viewers can also voice their opinions along with each episode in the official Facebook group, watch parties, and premieres. A new episode will debut each week, in addition to other The Real World Atlanta content dropping Monday through Thursday. Meet the seven new roommates cast for this season!

The Real World Atlanta
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Meet ‘The Real World Atlanta’ female roommates

Arely, a 21-year-old DACA recipient or Dreamer, has a four-year-old son and still lives with her ex upon arriving for the show. She and her parents are allowed to work because of the provisions in DACA; however, she fears the program could end, sending her family back to Mexico. She came to The Real World house to find herself because she had her son at a young age. In The Real World Atlanta trailer, Arely gets into a fight with her roommates. She claims they don’t know how hard it is to be a teen mom.

Meagan is a 23-year-old sports reporter based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and had her first kiss in college. She also got into her first relationship last year. Meagan claims to be a devout Christian, Republican, and Trump supporter. After other roommates say they identify on the LGBTQ spectrum, Meagan tells the confessional she disagrees with homosexuality.

27-year-old Tovah is a social worker from Scottsdale, Arizona. Even though people tell her she’s beautiful, Tovah claims to be funny, but “weird.” She recently ended an abusive relationship and wants to meet life long friends in The Real World Atlanta house.

Yasmin, a 27-year-old teacher, model, and artist from New York identifies as queer. She is half Armenian and half Syrian and was raised both Christian and Muslim. Her parents had a hard time understanding her, and she’s arrived at The Real World Atlanta house so she can grow more.

Meet ‘The Real World Atlanta’ male roommates

28-year-old Clint is a self-described country boy and hopeless romantic from Potterville, Michigan. His family farm has been around for 100 years, and he hopes to take it over one day. He also loves hunting, fishing, and riding dirt bikes. Clint’s high school expelled him, and he also spent time in jail, so he is ready to experience life without probation.

Dondre is a 25-year-old project manager from Houston, Texas. He admits that he likes Donald Trump and his policies, even though he identifies as bisexual. Dondre is an African-American conservative because he does not want to conform to society or be who people think he should be.

Justin is a 26-year-old advocate, student, leader, and mentor based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has never dated any other race and believes interracial marriages are bad for the black community. Justin says he is “for his people” and passionate about black progression.

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