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The royal family is arguably the world’s most famous family. Queen Elizabeth and her relatives live their lives to serve the people, and that requires them to make various public appearances at any given date or time.

The royals have long used private transportation to get where they need to be. But with the state of the environment, some have accused the royals of being hypocritical by choosing to fly private. However, there’s one reason why this family will always defend their choice to fly alone.

Prince Charles exits a helicopter
Prince Charles exiting a private helicopter in 2014 | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The royals have stated they fly private for security and convenience purposes

There are several reasons why the royals fly private, and they all seem to make sense. With the family members having so many public engagements, sometimes, it simply isn’t feasible to drive everywhere. Flying allows them to better integrate certain trips into their schedules, since they don’t have to worry about commercial flight times or traffic on the roads.

Security plays a big role in the family’s decision to fly private as well. Flying commercial means many extra steps must be taken to ensure the royals are safe during flights, and naturally, any type of security threat would mean they could not get on the plane.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte
Prince William and Kate Middleton boarding a plane with Princess Charlotte in 2017 | Christian Charisius/AFP via Getty Images

People heckled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for flying private

Last summer, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle came under fire for taking multiple private flights over the span of only a few days. The two used a private jet for business purposes and once again for pleasure. Fans suggested Meghan and Harry’s choices were hypocritical, since the two always express great concern over the state of the environment and have even vowed to have two or fewer kids to help curb overpopulation.

Famous singer Elton John spoke out in defense of the couple after the press berated them, saying he offered up his private plane to them; Harry also said safety purposes played a role in the flights.

The royals will always defend their move because they do other things to ‘offset’ carbon emissions

Prince Charles recently made a speech about the environment at Cambridge University, and fans realized that the prince had flown by helicopter to arrive. Though it seemed hypocritical, the royal family immediately came to the prince’s defense over the decision. According to Yahoo, the royal family said that “all carbon emissions are offset every year” through other initiatives made by the family.

Since the royals dedicate a lot of time to environmental initiatives, they defend their use of a private aircraft when necessary. The security aspect makes sense, but spending time on other environmental initiatives shouldn’t necessarily be a defense for flying private. Or should it?  

BBC revealed that Charles spent more than 1 million Euro on private travel last year — and that’s not including travel for leisure. Charles’ helicopter trip to Cambridge university caused 2.5 tons of carbon emissions, compared to 0.2 tons if he had chosen to drive. The royals’ private travel has been a point of contention among fans for a while, though in some cases, it seems to be the best option. (We’re not sure about this one, though.)