‘Reba’: Could Reba McEntire’s Show Get a Reboot?

Reba McEntire is one of the most successful country music artists in the country. She has sold more than 56 million albums and won countless awards, including American Music Awards, Grammys, and People’s Choice awards. She is a fantastic musician and she also has a knack for comedy.

Her self-titled TV show aired for six seasons and was a hit with audiences. Fans loved watching the sharp-tongued Reba interact with her family, putting out fires and kicking butt as a single mom. Fans are super excited about the recent talk of a possible Reba reboot.

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Reba McEntire | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

‘Reba’: Lots of love and laughs with the country superstar

Reba was a sitcom that originally aired on The WB, before moving to The CW for its final season. Reba McEntire headed up the hilarious cast, playing a mom of three whose ex-husband left her for a younger woman. The comedy had plenty of laughs, and Reba showed the world that her talents didn’t end at singing. 

The pilot episode introduces Reba as a witty single-mom with a sarcastic sense of humor. She lives in Houston with her three children–Cheyenne, Kyra, and Jake. Her ex-husband, Brock, is a dentist, and his new girlfriend is a flighty hygienist named Barbara Jean. Both Barbara Jean and Cheyenne –a high school senior — are pregnant when the show begins. 

Cheyenne is somewhat shallow when the series begins, but grows throughout the show’s six seasons. She is married to Van Montgomery, a kind-hearted but incredibly dim-witted football player. Kyra is the middle child and probably the most stable person in the family. She is sarcastic and quick-witted and loves teasing her siblings and Van. Jake is the youngest of the brood and isn’t in the show quite as much as the others. 

Could there be a reboot in the works?

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Rumors are swirling that a reboot for the beloved comedy might be in the works. In an interview with US Weekly, Joanna Garcia Swisher — who played Cheyenne in the series — hinted at the possibility, saying, “There is so much love there and such fond memories of our time on the show. I feel like we kind of ended before we really wanted to and I think there is a lot of goodwill in that world and I know everybody would be supportive of it.”

In addition to Swisher’s interview, other cast members chimed in on the possible project. Reba McEntire, Christopher Rich, and Melissa Peterman (who played Brock and Barbara Jean) reunited at a Celebrity Fight Night charity event. She shared a photo of the trio on Instagram, adding a cryptic caption, “Now all we need is the rest of the REBA cast!!” If that wasn’t enough, she also added “#reboot,” according to Country Living. While there’s been no confirmation of a reboot in the works, it appears the cast would be ready to jump on board.

Where is the cast now?

So what has the cast been doing over the past 13 years? According to Wide Open Country, Reba tried her hand at another television series, Malibu Country, but it only aired 18 episodes. She continued working on her music and released seven albums. Reba brought her musical expertise to the popular competition, The Voice, as a guest adviser. She also became the first female Colonel Sanders in a KFC commercial. 

Christopher Rich went on to make several television appearances. He guest-starred in Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, and Melissa & Joey, among others. Joanna Garcia Swisher married a professional baseball player and had two daughters, and continues to work in television.

Scarlett Pomers, who played Kyra, struggled with an eating disorder while filming Reba. She became an ambassador for the National Eating Disorder Association and created an organization to raise funds for those who can’t afford treatment. Steve Howey (Van) has played Kevin on Shameless since 2011. Melissa Peterman went on to play the mom in the sitcom Baby Daddy, and also does stand-up comedy.