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Actor and country singer Reba McEntire is a pop culture icon, known for her many talents, distinct accent, and red hair. But she’s also a fashion icon, having several show-stopping moments at the CMA Awards through the years. After seeing her pull off two outfit changes in one performance of “Fancy,” some fans might wonder how many she’s worked into a single live show.

Lucky for the curious, she answered that question.

Reba McEntire holds her arms out to each side in a sparkly red pantsuit.
Reba McEntire | Mickey Bernal/WireImage

Reba McEntire changed 15 times in a concert

One thing that has solidified McEntire’s place as a superstar is her tough but sexy style. Though she often wears jeans and boots, she also likes to dress up in sparkly gowns, especially on stage.

And it seems sometimes she can’t choose just one outfit because she’ll quick-change multiple times — even in one song. In 2019, she showed off her style by donning three different fashion ensembles during a single performance of “Fancy” at the CMA Awards.

McEntire stunned audiences with the display, including Andy Cohen and the people who worked in his office then. On Watch What Happens Live, he told her what a ruckus the performance caused and was curious as to how many costume changes she’d pulled off in a single concert. Her answer: 15!

What stars impress Reba McEntire with their fashion choices?

In an interview with E!, McEntire revealed some of her fashion favorites from the country world. Of course, she named her friend and idol, Dolly Parton, along with Carrie Underwood and Tammy Wynette. But there’s one singer who seems to stand out.

“Dottie West always wore the neatest boots and outfits,” she said. “I always loved the way she dressed.”

So, now fans know who McEntire might look to for inspiration when picking ensembles for those famous outfit changes.


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Reba McEntire prefers ‘tough sexy’ comfort in fashion

Also while chatting with E!, McEntire revealed her favorite part of fashion is comfort. “You gotta look good, and I like the term ‘tough sexy,'” she shared. “But it’s gotta be comfortable.”

She doesn’t prefer sweatpants to dresses when it comes time for an awards show, though. “Now, if you’re gonna wear boots, and jeans, and [a] sexy top, and like a jacket over it — I’d love that the best,” she added, describing what seems to be one of her own go-to outfits.

Though McEntire has occasionally surprised audiences by getting downright sexy, she told CNN’s Larry King Live she prefers to stick to her own brand of sex appeal. And she seemingly doesn’t strive to add sex symbol to her superstar repertoire.

“Just what you see is what you get on me,” she said. “And it’s never been anything of a sexual nature.”

She didn’t seem to think she’d be expressing her sexuality through her art. “I’m more of the down-home — I guess, you know, the good-old girl,” she explained. “Being sexy is kind of funny to me. You know, I can get kind of spunky or I can get tough … that kind of tough, sexy look.”

So, fans probably shouldn’t expect risqué pieces to pop up frequently in McEntire’s outfit changes.